Social Media Marketing to Build Your Business Up

How to Attract Clients Via Social Media Marketing

The last year has been a series of ups and downs, especially for small businesses owners. Most customers have been unable to patronize businesses in person, leading to the closing of a lot of storefronts.

If you are one of the many business owners looking to pick up some extra business during the pandemic, you should look into a popular and effective marketing strategy: social media. Social media marketing involves advertising your business on various platform to increase your consumer base. There are currently over four billion people on social media, which means there are billions of opportunities to make some sales.

As a business owner, you must take advantage of this cost-effective marketing strategy. We spoke to One of One Social Media to understand some of the benefits of using social media marketing and get some simple tips to help you grow your business.

Benefits of Social Media Marketing

Brand Recognition

One of the best ways to grow your consumer base is through online brand recognition. Think about how often have you seen a logo and automatically connected it with a commercial brand? As a product seller, you want customers to be able to identify your merchandise.

Social media is a great place to promote your logo to people of different backgrounds with the click of a button. Be strategic with how you post your logo for optimal results.

Easy Customer Interaction

Since most businesses can’t have those in-person interactions with their customers, connecting via social media is the next best thing. Something as simple as thanking a customer for purchasing your product in their comments or creating a thank you post can spark conversations with other potential buyers.

You can also direct message customers for feedback on how you can improve your merchandise. Customers feel good about buying products from businesses with a great product and equally great customer service.

Customer Loyalty

Customer loyalty creates a constant flow of revenue. Giving your repeat customers a reward program will encourage them to keep coming back for more. For instance, promo codes and discounts are great ways to draw in sales. You can send your customers complimentary items when place an order online. Offering customer rewards will also inspire your followers to share your brand with other potential buyers.


One of the best things about marketing your business on social media is it’s inexpensive. In some cases, marketing your business on social media is completely free. If you feel promotional posts aren’t getting the job done, you can always pay for professional advertisements. Platforms like Twitter and Facebook work within your budget to filter your ads to your ideal consumer base.

Social Media Marketing Tips

Go in with a plan.

Like any business strategy, you want to go into social media marketing with a plan. Time is just as valuable as financial resources, so you want to use your time spent on social media wisely. Coming up with a plan is even more important when you’re hiring someone else to run your social media. When creating your social media marketing blueprint, be as specific as possible.

Audit your previous efforts.

If you already have social media pages for your business, take some time to audit your previous posts. This will help you decide what works and how you can improve your future strategies. If it helps, find a social media auditing template.

Study your competition.

There’s nothing wrong with looking at successful brands within your industry and using it as inspiration. A blueprint combined with your personal goals will lead to a boost in sales.

Don’t oversaturate yourself.

As the old saying goes, quality beats quantity. Instead of spreading yourself thin over every social media platform, choose the ones that best fit your business model. The time you save posting on every website can be invested into creating quality posts that give a greater return of investment.

When choosing which platforms are best for you, consider details like your target audiences’ age and the advertisements they typically respond to. Again, don’t be afraid to hire someone if you’re not well-versed in this field.

Partner with similar brands.

Are there online business with a similar audience? Speak to them about a potential business partnership. For example, if you own a beauty-related business, pairing up with a popular nail polish company can help you broaden your clientele. You can also team up with influencers with a large following to promote your brand.

What do you have to lose? By trying social media marketing techniques, you can drive customers to your website and make sales. Whether you buy advertisements or hire a professional, you can still get a large return on your investment and grow your business during the pandemic.

Adam Hansen

Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.