SMS Marketing Campaigns: Advanced Guide 2020

People take their phones everywhere since they allow them to communicate with people and to stay informed. People can receive calls and text messages to stay in touch with others, including businesses. Because of this, SMS marketing campaigns continue to grow and have a larger impact on the business world. 

Find out more about SMS marketing campaigns and learn how to apply them to your business.

Why is the SMS Channel Growing Again?

As we mentioned earlier, cell phones continue to grow in popularity and almost everyone carries one with them. With this in mind, people would want to receive text messages to stay informed about different topics. This includes interacting with businesses and receiving updates and information from them. SMS makes this easy and convenient.


Not only has SMS marketing become the third most preferred way for customers to communicate with businesses, but more than 8-out-of-10 customers will read a text within five minutes. This happens because people have instant access to their phones and it takes little to no effort to see a text and respond to it.

Many people don’t have much time in today’s world, so people will do anything to save time. SMS allows people to give quick responses so that they can turn their attention to other things. With a world that has fast moving information, people will choose the options that give them the quickest and most effective responses. SMS provides that, so it’s growing in popularity.

Why Do You Need SMS Campaigns Automation?

SMS campaigns become difficult to manage by yourself. If you don’t use automated campaigns, then you have to hand type and send messages on your own. That alone would take a long time through email, so imagine trying to send all of those messages through texts. This would take more time than it’s worth, so you should have automated software handle it.

SMS automated software makes things easier by handling multiple parts of your SMS campaign so that you don’t have to worry about it.

  • Following workflows to know when to send messages.
  • Sending deals to people based on their interests and other information.
  • Reminding customers about upcoming deals, sales, and new products.

With so many factors to interact with your customers, you can have an automated software take care of the process. This will save you time and effort since you can create the messages and have the system send them to your customers. 

SMS Campaigns Examples

You can use multiple approaches when it comes to SMS campaigns. Let’s go over a few examples of ways that you can interact with your customers through SMS. We will start with a shipping confirmation.


The workflow recognizes that the customer made a purchase. From here, it automatically sends an email to confirm the purchase with the customer. This message arrives to the customer, they receive information about the order, and they get a code for a discount. This keeps them informed while also giving them a new call-to-action.

Here’s an example of a workflow to confirm an appointment with the customer.

  1. Automated system detects an appointment tomorrow.
  2. Software sends a text message to the customer and asks them to type either “YES” to confirm the appointment or “NO” to cancel it. 
  3. The customer responds with “YES” or “NO”.
  4. The automated system either keeps the appointment or removes it from the system.

You can take many approaches when it comes to SMS campaigns and marketing, so make sure to try them out and see what your software can do. 

Final Remarks

SMS marketing campaigns work effectively because they allow you to get quick responses from your customers. As you set up the right workflows and use automated software, you can make the process easy and continue to interact with your customers. As you implement SMS marketing campaigns, you can reach out to your customers and encourage more interactions.

Adam Hansen

Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.