Smashing Through That Glass Ceiling: 4 Ways to Take Your Roofing Business to the Next Level

Has your roofing business hit a glass ceiling? If you’re to break through this barrier and improve your sales turnover, it’s imperative that you heed the advice laid out below.

Here are four things you must do to take your roofing business to the next level:

Train your employees

The roofing trade is in a constant state of flux. Each year, a new building technique comes along to disrupt the status quo in this industry, which is why you must resolve to keep your finger on the pulse of the latest trends. Should you ever, for whatever reason, take your eye off the ball in this sense, you will no doubt struggle to provide your consumers with the quality service that they want, expect, deserve, and demand.

To ensure that your business consistently provides a high level of service, it’s imperative that you train your employees regularly. By keeping your workforce up to date with the latest trends and demands in their field, they will be sure to provide a much more polished roofing performance.

Here are some of the standout benefits that you will no doubt reap once you invest in employee training:

1. The capacity to get the job done right on the first time of asking

2. Enhanced motivation levels amongst your workforces

3. Increased work rate and ethic

4. Improved structure concerning planning and preparing

5. Reduced staff turnover

6. Your business will look more attractive to roofing professionals that wish to progress in their careers

7. Repeat business with happy customers

8. Optimized health and safety and reduced risk of accidents

9. Less product wastage

10. Effective cleaning skills

Introduce new services to your repertoire

You’re never going to take your roofing business to the next level if you fail to adapt. If you’re serious about maximizing your company’s potential, you need to keep up with the times by introducing new services to your repertoire. Should you fail to perform this crucial task, you will struggle to provide your consumers with a cutting-edge level of service. Ultimately, this will result in them taking their custom elsewhere.

Introducing new services to your repertoire won’t just help you to keep a hold of your current consumer base — it’ll also aid you in your bid to engage a new form of clientele. If, for example, you become a qualified expert at installing and fixing roofs on older buildings, you will have the capacity to target heritage sites. There will always be aging properties out there in need of roofing structure restoration, and you could be the one to provide them with this delicate service. For advice and guidance regarding the maintenance of old roofs, be sure to check out this insightful article on the matter.

Generate new leads

If a lack of profits is holding your roofing business back from taking that next all-important step in its ongoing development, simply make an effort to generate some new leads. Like any other business in any other industry, you need to cultivate a steady stream of customers if you want to enjoy a long and sustainable future. So, get out there and find yourself a new consumer base to tap into!

There are a whole host of effective courses of action that you can take to increase your leads. In their expert article on the subject, JivoChat provides the following lead generation advice for roofers:

1. Integrate a live chat feature onto your company website

2. Rank your business using local SEO

3. Source and purchase valuable keywords using PPC

4. Re-target your non-converting visitors using SEM

5. Run social media ads for roofing leads

6. Optimize your review site listings

7. Form alliances with other business in your local area

8. Embrace email and SMS marketing

9. Start your own referral program

10. Attend as many trade shows as you possibly can

Give your company website a makeover

You might provide cutting-edge roofing services, but all of your hard work in this instance will amount to nothing if you fail to reach, attract, and engage new clients. Your marketing endeavors are just as important as the physical services that you provide, which is why you must go above and beyond to improve your self-promotion.

Giving your company website a makeover is one of the most effective things that you can do in this instance. Once you perform this all-important task, you will cultivate a 24/7 online presence for yourself. This will help you attract consumers from all walks of life at all conceivable points in the day, which will surely have a profound positive impact on your lead generation numbers.

If you want to maximize the marketability of your roofing company website, be sure to heed the following advice:

1. Ensure that your website is mobile responsive (i.e., make sure that it works on smartphones)

2. Follow the most up-to-date and modern design trends (use white space, include a simple contact form, stop forcing your audience to pinch and zoom, etc.)

3. Fill your website (especially your home page) with effective calls to action (CTAs)

4. Optimize the speed of your website and improve your page loading times

5. Improve the overall user experience of your site by making it easy to navigate

6. Vary the type of content that you post on your site (written text, images, videos, podcast audio files, infographics, etc.)

7. Enhance the quality of your images (especially those that showcase your roofing capabilities) by only ever uploading photographs that are well-lit, sharply focused, and highly resolved

8. Use colors that set the tone for your brand

9. Take advantage of today’s most effective SEO practices

10. Find and fix any 404 errors that may be lurking beneath the surfaces of your company website

Are you determined to take your roofing business right to the very top of its market? If your company is to one day scale these lofty heights, it’s crucial that you put the advice laid out above into practice.

Adam Hansen

Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.