How Do I Create a Work Schedule for my Employees Who Work from Home?

With many employees still working remotely to reduce congestion in the office and observe social distancing, coordination is needed. Having a work schedule is a great way to work together as a team and in an organized manner. Therefore employers with employees working from home should consider designing one that fits their line of work.

Getting a schedule maker is very important, and there are so many versions available both online and offline. Employers can create a perfect plan for their employees and have a flexible working experience. Employees need a schedule to keep them focused on their daily office activities even if they are not reporting physically to the office.

What is the Perfect Work Schedule?

Before diving into creating a schedule, it is good to understand what qualifies the program as perfect. A work schedule qualifies to be perfect if it helps the organization achieve the set objectives within the required time. Whether employees are working remotely or are physically in the office, the aim is to run the business as usual.

How to Create a Work Schedule

Here are a few points to guide you as an employer on how to come up with a good work schedule that accommodates every employee:

Create a Morning Routine

Working from home requires a lot of discipline, and some employees are not good at doing it independently. Even the independent ones might slug or procrastinate their work until they find perfect timing every once in a while.

As an employer, you can avoid this by creating a schedule that calls for the usual morning meetings through video apps such as Zoom and Skype. Every employee knows they have to get up early and get ready for such meetings. They get to set their minds ready for the day and enjoy the experience of a typical office day routine.

Assign Duties

Making sure every employee knows what they are supposed to do is the main reason for a work schedule. The schedule should clearly outline what and when every individual is expected to do for proper coordination.

Leaders of different departments can easily follow up to ensure employees submit their work on time and assign the next tasks. Especially when working remotely, it is crucial so that employees stay updated on what awaits their attention.

Create Breaks

Working at home requires a lot of discipline. Having breaks when working ensures the mind gets to relax and recharge for the next session or task. If employees work without breaks, the result will be some poorly done job and a lot of demotivation from tired and uncoordinated individuals.

Creating breaks gives your employees a chance to check how things are running around their different working stations and probably change positions, if necessary.

Schedule Meetings in Advance

Now that everyone is not in the same physical room or building, a little planning in advance is crucial. In case a group of employees is supposed to hold a meeting, the members in charge should communicate it on the schedule.

By doing so, everyone required to be present is aware and can plan their time well in advance. Therefore, employees can avoid missing important meetings that were probably meant to help improve their productivity.

Consult With your Employees

Remember, the working schedule is meant for the good of everyone within your company or organization. Consulting with the same employees you are creating a schedule for, makes it easy to adjust the plan to fit everyone’s need.

The best way to consult is first by making the planned schedule on time before the start of activities, probably at the beginning of the year, week or month. Allow them enough time to go through the plan and create room for reasonable readjustment of the schedule.

Be Understanding

A leader should remember they are dealing with fellow human beings. Therefore they should stay open when an employee requests a day or some time off their working hours. Creating a schedule like mentioned earlier is great for proper coordination.

So understanding when an employee is not available makes it easy to reassign their duties to the next available person. Employers and department heads ensure the company is running smoothly and every duty is handled on time.


Schedules are essential in every work set up for proper coordination and planning. When employers coordinate with their employees, they can come up with a schedule that works for both parties and the company’s benefit. Another thing to consider is proper communication, especially when working remotely for coordination purposes.

A good work schedule benefits the company and helps maintain a work-life balance for the employee. If you are an employer wondering how to create a perfect work schedule for your employees, the above points make things a lot easier.

Adam Hansen

Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.