Small Business Tips: Small Tech-Related Mistakes to Avoid

Surprisingly, the mistakes most companies make are small. Most of the time, these mistakes go undetected because they are easy to overlook, and most business owners don’t have the time to pay attention to details.

The problem is these details make a difference and overlooking them could be costly. The following guide will help you see some of the most common mistakes you could be making.

Relying on Cloud Too Much

More small businesses are starting to rely on cloud services. Sure, it is easy to see why companies are doing this. You get access to all of your data online, no matter where you are, and other members of your team can do the same.

Some companies have been able to hire remote workers, thanks to this tech, but cloud services aren’t perfect. Data can be lost, and if you stored all your information at one cloud service provider, then your data is gone. You need to make an effort to use several storage solutions to be safe.

Not Investing in Cyber Security

Another little mistake that small business owners make is thinking they don’t have to worry about cybersecurity. Some small business owners think cybercriminals only go after large companies and leave small ones alone, but this is not the case.

Cybercriminals know small business owners don’t make cybersecurity a priority, which is a weakness they love to exploit. The data a cybercriminal can compromise is quite sensitive and usually customer-related. A small business that is trying to make a name for itself can lose credibility among customers if they have to admit that company data has been breached.

Low Performing Website

Some small business owners overlook the importance of website performance. Poor performance means your website is unable to handle the visits you get each day or at a particular time of the day. This ends up making your site slow down or have trouble loading at a normal speed.

One thing you or your IT specialist can do is have the site tested to see how well it is performing. Each second of extra waiting can be detrimental, so it’s important to make sure your site speed is optimal. You can even use online platforms like HostScore to check if your hosting is performing as it should. You might not think this is a big deal, but online users are used to speedy sites, so any sluggishness irritates them. There are some online users who would actually leave your site because your website is not performing well. This is a major issue that you have to deal with quickly.

Overlooking the Importance of Google Maps

Google Maps is vital for businesses. A huge number of people use this app to find companies. It is a silly mistake that some businesses make, but there are some who do not fill out the information needed to show up on Google Maps.

All you need is some contact information, address, and hours of operation. This gives you an opportunity to introduce your business to the rest of the online world, which increases your ability to gain new customers. It won’t take long to fill out this information, so don’t wait too long to do so. You should know that getting your business on Google also opens you up to Google Reviews, and those could be helpful to you, too.

Ignoring Online Reputation

Online reputation is important and so is engagement. It is vital that you take time to respond to online comments quickly, or hire someone to do this for you. There are many people out there who use third party reviews to decide whether or not to visit your establishment.

You are going to want to address any bad online reviews as quickly as possible. Be sure to thank people who give you positive reviews. Being a responsive business owner is going to help your brand. You should also make sure you respond to social media comments as well.

These are just some of the common mistakes that small business owners make, but there are others, like using pirated software that could end crashing your entire system or buying all of your photos when you can use free images online for most of your needs.

Adam Hansen

Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.