Small Business Owners Can Reliably Increase Profit Margins With These 7 Tips

Looking for ways to increase profit margins?

Want to boost your business’ profitability?

One of the hardest things about running a business is ensuring that it’s turning a profit after all of the necessary business expenses have been paid. If you want your business to remain profitable it’s crucial that you’re monitoring profit margins closely and doing what you can to increase them.

Unfortunately, this is easier said than done and if you don’t know the right strategies for increasing profit margins you may not make it in the long-term.

Luckily, we’re here for you. Below we’ll tell you how you can increase profit margins for your business.

1. Improve Your Purchasing Strategies

One of the very best things you can do to improve your profit margins is to become smarter about purchasing new inventory and about managing your vendor relationships. The more you can do to lower your costs at the source, the better profits you’ll make when you sell the product to customers.

Be sure that you look at your vendor relationships closely and see if there is anything you can do to negotiate better deals. You may even want to switch to a different vendor completely for some items.

Purchasing products or materials at higher quantities is usually a great way to get a bigger discount on items. If you run a tech retail store, you may also want to take a look at these products and deals as well.

2. Increase the Value of Each Customer

Another great way to improve your profit margins is to increase the value of each customer and of each order or purchase. It takes effort to get each customer your business gets, so the more that you can do maximize each one’s value the better your business profits will be.

You can increase the value of a customer in many ways, but it will often include making product recommendations and upsells to customers who are already making a purchase. Suggesting additional items to customers once they’re ready to check out can be helpful and can allow you to get more from each interaction with your business.

Similarly, you can also try to build an ongoing relationship with customers by enticing them to join a rewards program or to sign up for your email list. This way you can continue to recommend products to them over time and get them coming back more often.

3. Reduce Operating Expenses

Reducing the cost of everyday operations and making them more efficient is also a great way to improve profit margins. After all, a penny saved is a penny earned.

There’s a multitude of ways to reduce operating expenses but one of the best is to take a hard look at your staffing and to cut any excess. You may want to eliminate employee overtime and minimize the staff that you need to operate on a daily basis.

It can also be beneficial to take a look at all of the little things in your business that add up in costs. This may include excess packaging of products or unnecessary items that you use for convenience rather than out of necessity during daily tasks.

Automating important tasks in your business can also be incredibly helpful for cutting costs as well.

4. Eliminate Waste

As part of reducing operating expenses, it’s also important that you focus on eliminating waste in the supply chain.

Waste can be created in a number of ways. It may be due to product defects, overproduction, or excess inventory that has been gained due to poor planning. It can also include other things such as worker inefficiency in a warehouse or unnecessary product movement.

Be sure that you trim the fat in your operation and look for the ways that your business is producing waste and eliminate them. Doing this will help ensure that your business wastes less money, and as a result, your profit margins will rise.

5. Reduce Markdowns

Another thing you can do to improve profit margins is to make sure that you’re marking down as few products as possible.

This means that you should check your store and think carefully about any items that haven’t been selling well and see if there’s anything you can do to improve this. If something is consistently marked down because it’s not selling you may want to reconsider carrying it or you may simply want to make it more visible. Sometimes some improved visibility is all your product needs to start selling more often.

If you want to reduce markdowns you need to ensure that you’re optimizing inventory management by thinking carefully about the quantities you have in stock, the items you carry, and where your marketing budget should go.

6. Raise Prices

If you want to make your business more profitable, one of the simplest and most obvious things you can do is to raise your prices.

However, this is easier said than done and if you go about it in the best way you may alienate your customers. There are different ways to raise prices smoothly, and if done right, it probably won’t’ hurt your business as much as you may think. Many customers believe that something that is more expensive is better in quality.

When raising prices you need to learn a bit about customer psychology to take the right approach. For example, raising prices little by little instead of changing them significantly all at once can be more effective and may go unnoticed.

7. Build Your Brand

One reason that some businesses are able to sell their products for considerably more than their competitors is that they have put a lot of effort into building a strong brand. Even if a company’s products are equal in quality or inferior, a business with a better brand will often be able to sell their products for more money.

The truth is that branding matters and the better brand you build around your business the more easily you’ll be able to justify raising prices for customers. 

Be sure that you’re making branding a big part of your business strategy and you’re not just selling products from day-to-day. By cultivating a culture around your business brand, you may find that your customers become more loyal even as you’re raising prices and charging more.

Using These Strategies to Increase Profit Margins

If you want to increase business profits, then you need to make sure that you think your strategy through carefully before you take any major actions. While it may seem like the only way to increase profit margins is to raise prices, there are actually a lot of ways to do it that you may not have considered before.

By thinking about all of your options and building a strategy you’ll be able to increase your profits and help your business achieve the success it deserves.

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Adam Hansen

Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.