Small Business Guide: How to Hire Your First Employee Team

If you’ve worked hard to build up a new, small business, then your next step may be to begin looking for employees to support you in your endeavor. While some small businesses can be run easily by their creative entrepreneur, there comes a time when you’ll need employee backup as the business grows.

Nevertheless, this can be a daunting task for a new small business owner who has never had experience hiring employees before.

This guide can help.

Why Are Employees So Important?

A dedicated staff team — or even just one dedicated employee — can bring so much to your small business. Not only does it mean manpower to have your business succeed in its daily tasks and meet targets, but it’s also about inspiring a positive work culture and promoting your brand to your workforce as well as to your consumer market.

Furthermore, in the world of small businesses, it’s often the personal touch (such as names and faces) that can make all the difference in a competitive market. Small businesses can offer a more personalized experience in a way that big corporate brands may not be able to, and it’s often the employees who can help with that.

Hiring Your First Employee Team

Start Small

With a small business, you don’t want to start by hiring a large team that may not be needed. Within smaller businesses, it’s common for individuals to multi-task or share the load across different job roles.

It’s better to hire one or two individuals first (or more depending on what you need) and then look to hire more employees later if you feel the demand still needs to be met.

This way, you avoid wasting time, energy, and money hiring extra employees who you then may have no need for.

Think About the Tasks, Rather Than the People

You may have outlined many different people you’re looking for – a marketing expert, sales aficionado, admin assistant, and social media whiz, to name a few.

However, understanding the daily demand of each task you have is important. For instance, can you combine sales and marketing to make a full day of work? Is there too little admin work required to cover a full-time employee, so can you, therefore, look for part-time or even an admin assistant who can also cover marketing work?

You may even want to look at a St Louis temp agency, like Snelling Staffing Solutions, to find short-term employees to fill a gap you only need temporarily.

Understanding what you have a demand for is key before you can find the perfect person to fit.

Draw Up Relevant Contracts

If you’re operating as a one-man band startup, remember that you’ll need professional contracts for potential employees. Contracts will keep you, your business, and your employees protected. They are important for outlining tasks, job roles, and important information, and they will make the hiring process a lot easier. This is because applicants will fully understand what they’re applying for, so there’ll be no lack of communication and no risk of employees leaving if they’re not happy with the terms which later arise.

In Summary

In hiring employees for your small business, don’t try to do too much at once. Start off with one employee, take your time, do your research, and make sure the job role is a great fit for everyone involved.


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