Signs Your Office Needs a New Carpet

An office is a high traffic area and the carpets could have all sorts of debris. It can be unsightly if the carpets are not cleaned on a regular basis. It will be tempting to squeeze every inch of life out of your carpet, especially if you’re on a budget. You might not have hired a commercial cleaner for your carpets and you will be left with no other choice but to do a full replacement because of negligence. There are some signs that will be hard to ignore and we’ve highlighted some of them in this article.


There are some damages that will be impossible to repair. This will make for an eyesore in the office. The image plays a big role in running a company. You don’t want potential clients seeing patches on your carpet when they’ve come over to your office for a business meeting. Attempting to do repairs on commercial carpets might not be a good idea.  Even if you do, it won’t hold for long as the office is a high traffic area.

Permanent Stains

There are some stains that are hard to get rid of even if you use the help of professional carpet cleaners. If commercial cleaning hasn’t had an effect on the stains, it will be time to start budgeting for a new one. Even if your carpet was treated with a stain-resistant finish, it is likely to wear off with time and there will not be adequate protection anymore. This allows for the stains to reach deep into the fibers, which can be hard to clean, even for professional-grade equipment.

Worn Out Padding

The purpose of padding is to offer support and comfort. If it is worn out, the carpet won’t be able to perform these two roles. You will start noticing that there are areas in the carpet that feel thin, wrinkled or uneven. This will be a clear indication that the floors have to be redone.

Smells Even After Cleaning

It is normal for carpet to smell because of the accumulation of debris. This is something that can be handled with a professional cleaning. If the smell has refused to go away, there could be an underlying problem that Carpet Cleaning Houston services could help you with. It will be time to start shopping around for new carpet.

Out of Style

The carpet might have been installed ages ago and doesn’t reflect the enthusiasm in your office. You want something that is vibrant and attractive in the first place and old carpet won’t provide that. There is also a possibility that carpet could be coming to the end of its lifespan and doing a complete haul makes economic sense instead of trying to do the repairs.

Allergy Flare-ups

If a lot of workers are reporting sick, the issue could be the carpet. You might be having someone doing the vacuuming on a daily basis which is not enough. Allergens like pollen, dust, mites, and dirt can hide in the fibers of the carpet. Regular cleaning will not be enough to get rid of such allergens. If people are still getting sick even after a professional cleaning, it could be a sign that the carpets need to be replaced.

It is not always the case that you will have to replace your carpets. The first step is to hire a professional carpet cleaning company. A good company will be able to advise if cleaning or a replacement will be necessary. You will be surprised at what professional cleaning using commercial-grade equipment can do to your carpet.

Professional carpet cleaning will improve the appearance of the carpet in your office. An office is a high traffic area that gets soiled often. This could lead to the discoloration of the carpet. A professional cleaning will help in removing debris and even stubborn stains from the fiber. This will restore the original color and softness of the carpet.

Working with a professional carpet cleaning company will also extend the life of the carpet. Tough stains, debris, and allergens are able to rid of through the use of professional-grade equipment. There should be a maintenance schedule in place so as to avoid replacing the carpets every few years. Vacuuming alone is not enough if you’re looking to have clean carpets that are allergen-free. Make sure to do research on the cleaning company so that you don’t end up working with a poor company. If the carpet needs to be replaced, make sure to do it as soon as possible to maintain the aesthetics in the office.

Adam Hansen

Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.