Save Time with Proactive IT

Proactive IT is about staying one step ahead in order to prevent problems, as opposed to reactive IT support which involves reacting to issues after they’ve occurred. The problem with reactive IT support is the downtime it causes.

Your business might have to come to a halt while the problem is being fixed which means you will likely suffer losses. As an alternative solution, a managed service provider can offer proactive IT support by maintaining IT systems with warnings in place for any potential issue that may arise. Here are a few benefits of proactive IT.

Proactive IT saves you money

You can save money by hiring a managed service provider that offers proactive IT support. With an MSP, you can rely on IT professionals constantly analyzing your systems and looking out for any potential bugs or problems. This will prevent your business from having to stop trading due to any issues which can be very costly. A managed service provider will charge an inclusive monthly fee which works out as cheaper than paying per repair or issues.

Proactive IT saves you time

A managed service provider can offer 24/7 network and desktop monitoring and will take care of your IT issues and provide solutions to any problems that occur. This means you and your employees can concentrate on the job at hand, without worrying about fixing computers. You can focus on day-to-day operations that are important for the growth of your business.

Reduce weak points in security

Proactive IT helps to identify any weak points in your security and provide a solution to improve these. Otherwise, hackers and cybercriminals will be able to find these weak spots just as easily. The leaking of sensitive data can have serious repercussions such as identity theft, loss of customer trust, and even the collapse of your IT infrastructure, so it’s crucial to prevent this. A reactive approach to security threats is risky because sometimes the damages that occur can be irreversible.

Protect data from being lost

By improving your security a managed service provider can protect data from being lost. They will also look for risks they could lead to a data breach and prevent these ahead of time. Proactive IT is also about identifying and intercepting any malicious attempts to steal data. Most businesses have not only their own data but that of customers that needs protecting as well. A managed service provider will also have data backup strategies in place in case of a security breach.

Minimize downtime

The main thing you don’t want to do is have to stop trading due to IT issues. By hiring a managed service provider to put preventative measures in place you’ll be more likely to avoid this problem. Downtime can be incredibly expensive to many businesses otherwise and at times it can be difficult to recover. With proactive IT support, you can minimize the risk of downtime. You can concentrate on growing your business knowing your network and systems are in safe hands.

Chris Turn

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