Realistic Applications of BetonBlock Products for Great Construction

The construction of buildings, pavements, and roads has never been easy. However, the BetonBlock application shines light to the construction industry with its simple, convenient, and reliable technology.

It offers a solution where concrete block molds are produced from poured concrete with the use of molds forming different sizes and shapes. Below are ways in which the usage of BetonBlock has aided in construction:

Perfect coastal engineering

Constructions along water points can be very troublesome and tiresome, but with the tetrapod BetonBlock work is made easier. First, it ensures the safety of coastal work by perfecting concrete molds shape and size. The shape helps in breaking water functions, by reducing the pressure of water forces and waves.

The tetrapod BetonBlock, molds concrete of different sizes from a weight of 1.5 tons to 25tons. It has a great power coating that ensures sustainability hence reliable for any coastal engineering.

Buildings and walls

When constructing any building, the use of the correct equal size and shape of blocks matters. The BetonBlock molds for concrete offer the perfect sizes with equal dimensions of any desired shapes. It makes it easy when stacking up the blocks of the building.

The stackable blocks can be used for both temporary and permanent structures since the molds consist of high-quality steel and constant shapes. You also get a firm and strong construction through correct stacking.

Roads and pavement

Constructions of roads Should ensure the paramount safety of the workers, vehicles and passengers. The BetonBlock barrier offers the best solution and safety with the construction.

The concrete barrier molds that are all similar makes it easy to create a perfect lane to separate the road lanes when working. The concrete barrier has conductive lines which makes it less damaging to the vehicles Incase of accident.

The barrier molds are made in a way that they fit a perfect measuring allowing a rotational angle of 22.5 degrees. The concrete barrier is key to the roads, due to the right and perfect direct that it aligns on roads helping with traffic flow.

Beneficial usage of BetonBlock products

When making construction we aim at sustainability, durability, safety of workers and the building, and reliability. The BetonBlock products has enhanced an adaptive, stable stacking system through the perfect size and shapes in the molds.

The concrete molds are strong and consist of different sizes depending on your constructions, hence, can be used for temporary and permanent buildings. The construction finishing is perfect, smooth and identical since the blocks are all similar. The BetonBlock products makes it easy for constructions with very simple steps for perfect molds.

Adam Hansen

Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.