Pros Of Taking Out A Business Loan

When you have a business, you’ll probably need some financial assistance. You can either borrow from family or friends, look for investors, or take out a business loan. But for many entrepreneurs, they prefer business loans over the other options.

Business loans are available everywhere, and any type of business can avail of such loans. When you avail a business loan, you can get the following advantages:

1. Get Funds Conveniently

Although you can borrow money from friends or investors, you might face some difficulty in asking them for financial assistance. Your relatives or friends may lend you some money but the amount may not be that significant. As for investors, you still need to present them with your business proposals and contracts before they invest in your business. Also, looking for investors is quite hard as it may take you some time to find someone who’ll be interested in your business.

Unlike investors or loved ones, business loans can process your business loans quicker. You don’t have to wait for their feedback for a long time. With such a benefit, you can get your funds quick. 

But if a lending company doesn’t grant your application, you don’t have to worry. Lending companies are everywhere, and some are even available for an online application like nation 21 loans. That’s why you can try borrowing money from another lending company when one application fails. 

2. Cover Business Expenses

Since you can receive business loans quickly, you won’t have to worry about your expenses upfront. Depending on the type of business that you have, you’ll sometimes lack funds to cover your costs. Especially when your sales aren’t enough, you can end up losing your business. Don’t let that happen!

Save your business by taking out different funding options, primarily through a business loan. Whatever your reasons are, you can use a business loan for the following expenses:

  • Startup Costs – Instead of using your cash or savings to start your business, take out a business loan. Use your savings or money as a backup.
  • Working Capital – This pertains to the funds you need to sustain your daily operations. Without working capital, you may end up missing a day’s operation. When this happens for an extended period, you can lose a lot of money, which can lead to bankruptcy.
  • Inventory – Before the holiday season, you should store up stocks, especially when you’re in a retail business. If you have enough stocks during the holidays when sales are on the peak, you’ll maximize your profits.
  • Equipment – Some equipment may cost a lot of money. Even when a piece of equipment is expensive, a loan can allow you to buy it when it’s vital to your business operations. 
  • Expansion – When your business is doing great, you may need to expand. A business loan can help you expand without using all of your profits.

3. Maximize Your Profits

Wouldn’t it be nice to choose funding that’ll allow you to own your profits? Well, a business loan can help you with this. Not only does it help you expand or purchase more stocks, but lending companies also don’t get a share of your profits. As long as you regularly pay your loan, lending companies won’t affect your business decisions.

Conversely, other sources of funding like investors will usually ask for a percentage of your profit. Investors can even have powers over decisions affecting your business. Since investors own a share of your business, they have the right to dictate or weigh in on your business dealings or decisions unless they’re silent investors. As a result, you’ll lose the power to own and manage your business on your terms. 

If you want to avoid such limitations, better borrow from lending companies that will only interfere with your business when you’re unable to pay your loan.

4. Pay Back The Loan Via Business Liquidation

As mentioned, lending companies only have a say when you’re unable to fulfill your loan contract. If you can’t pay up your business loan, you can liquidate your business to pay for the unpaid amount. As such, you’ll only lose your business and not everything you own.

Conversely, if you borrow money from friends, then you still need to pay them back even when your business has gone bankrupt. Thus, you’ll lose not only your business but your savings or other properties if worse comes to worst.


You may think that a business loan can put you at a disadvantage. But the truth is, you can use a business loan to prosper. You can consider business loans as a good debt as long as you use it for the development of your business. Any kind of loan, when misused on things that don’t give you a return on investment, will put you at a disadvantage. That’s why you need to maximize and use your business loan wisely.

Adam Hansen

Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.