Plastic Cord Locks: All You Ever Wanted To Know About Them

You must be in the habit of securing things in place with the help of elastic cord ropes. However, if you are looking for some tighter fastening, you may choose a plastic cord lock. Many of you may not be aware of the availability and efficacy of cord fasteners or locks. A plastic cord lock may be referred to as a plastic stopper, cord fastener, cord toggle, spring clasp. According to Wikipedia, a plastic cord toggle can be seamlessly and securely attached to drawstrings. You can easily tighten without making any knots. Cord fasteners are used by mountaineers for fastening clothing, as well as camping equipment very fast in extremely cold conditions even though you are wearing heavy gloves. 

A cord lock made of plastic will have three distinct parts: a spring, a toggle, and a barrel. When squeezed together, you can see the release of tension. The cord lock will be moving up and down freely. Once the tension gets released, it will get engaged so that the cord fastener is very much secured to its place. Usually, cord fasteners are available in several shapes and sizes for suiting your specific purpose. You have access to mini-size cord fasteners, plastic cord fasteners, and no spring cord fastener. Here are some facts you need to know about a plastic cord lock.

Things to Remember

Cord locks are pretty useful and have various applications for retaining a single or even more drawstrings or segments in a tightened grip and for releasing such segments whenever you desire. A plastic cord fastener is actually a cutting-edge lock for holding a cord very much in place. It could be a thin rope, a simple string, an elastic cord, an insulated rope, or some other pliable and ultra-thin material. A fastener will be holding the material securely in a specific position. A plastic cord lock is capable of holding that material securely in a strategic position. Cord fasteners are usually cylinder-shaped and they have an end that seems to be pushed in for releasing the cord and letting it move freely.

Some Common Plastic Cord Lock Applications 

Plastic cord fasteners are mostly utilized for securing small items. They may be used for securing utility bags such as mesh bags or laundry sacks or sleeping bag sacks. These cord fasteners are frequently being used on items of luggage having a drawstring. These cord fasteners are best for cold weather clothes such as coats, jackets, gloves, hooded sweatshirts, and mittens for keeping wind and snow at bay. They could be utilized for securing window blinds in the preferred position. Plastic cord toggles help in securely packing school backpacks. You will be successfully removing supplies and books at incredible speed. They are used for holding duffel bags and laundry bags securely in place. It is a good idea to consider using elasticized cords like elastic ropes or bungee cords. These locks are capable of handling the device’s bounce.


These plastic cord fasteners are versatile locks and are available in a host of styles. You can choose from a wide variety of styles, colors, and sizes. Consider adjusting, fastening, and loosening items with ease. You may no longer waste your energy and time to tie and then untie knots.

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