3 Tips for Building Up Your Business

There are plenty of articles out there on how to start your business, but what about when you’re already in operation but you need to boost your performance? Maybe it just feels like you are stuck at the same level, or perhaps you need to set some new goals but you aren’t sure what they should be. Whatever your issue is, the tips below can help you inject some new energy into your business.

Build Your Customer Service

How’s your customer service? Making sure that your customers go away happy can be a vital point in maintaining and growing your business. Examine how you deal with customers and see if there is room to improve your processes. Building word of mouth can be important, and satisfied customers will tell others about your operation. If you have the type of business where reviews are left, be sure to thank them for the good ones and try to solve the problems described in any negative ones.

Get More Cash

In many cases, a lack of cash is the main thing that’s holding you back. A lucky few high-tech startup types can turn to venture capitalists and angel investors. Other entrepreneurs may need to rely on business loans and other means to keep cash flowing. Many people put their own money into the business. If you are still struggling to find the funds, you may want to look at ways to save money by cutting back on your personal expenses.

This is not just about spending less on food or entertainment. You might also be able to pay less for some things. For example, you could move to a cheaper place. You may even be able to arrange to make smaller payments on your debts. For example, refinancing your student loans with a private lender can mean lower interest rates and lower payments. You can find out your interest rate estimate online to give you an idea of your savings. Look at ways you can cut your business costs as well.

Work on Your Marketing

One of the difficulties of being an entrepreneur is that it often requires you to wear many hats, and while you might be an expert in some areas, you may need to hire some outside help for things like legal issues and accounting. Many entrepreneurs struggle with marketing as well. There are good ways to market yourself, but there are a lot of potential pitfalls as well. If you aren’t savvy about social media, for example, you are probably better off hiring someone who is to manage this for you.

Digital marketing is an important element of getting the word out about what you do, but some of the old-fashioned methods still work as well. The right approach will vary depending on what it is that you are selling, but some tried-and-true ways to advertise your service or product include becoming a sponsor of a local event, offering free classes or workshops, and partnering with other businesses. Even cold calling and direct mail still have their place in some industries and can do the job.

Adam Hansen

Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.