Online Tuition: The Industry of the Future Has Arrived

The Internet is constantly in a state of development and pretty soon, the entire planet will be 5G enabled, giving us 10 times the data transfer (a frightening thought) and new cyber-industries are emerging, with more and more people working from home. The education sector also benefits from the new tech rolling out and with crystal clear audio and real-time video, there’s no longer a need to be in the same room as your teacher.

Studying at Home

All you need is a couple of hours and a quiet room and you can interact with an experienced tutor to work on aspects of a subject you are having issues with. The tutor has a whiteboard, plus there’s a chat window, and file sharing, which is important, and sessions fit in with your schedule. There’s no need to dress up or travel, you simply set your mind into study mode, turn on your computer and log in. With this being said, complex subjects like biology can be easily addressed with biology tuition from the comfort of your home without any pressure.

Broadband Internet

High speed connections mean crystal clear audio and smooth video, essential when studying, and with the right headset, you and your tutor have the ideal virtual learning environment and that essential whiteboard is there for diagrams and examples, a vital tool in the learning process. The digital platform uses a dedicated server, so there are no issues with over-use, you experience real time ambience at all times, thanks to your own private network.


Many teachers have already made the switch from traditional classrooms to the online sector, with some of the best working with Dymocks Tutoring, Australia’s leading online tuition provider and a school with a great reputation. Teachers love online tuition, as it offers the same benefits that the student enjoys and working from home is ideal, and working the hours you want brings with it a level of freedom and independence that is very appealing to all.

Social Distancing

In the current climate of social distancing, there are even more reasons for distance learning and many students who have made the switch actually prefer to learn online. This is a sign that online learning is here to stay, and in many ways, life will become more virtual as we move further along the road of tech development.

Virtual Reality

We are now seeing the merging of AI with 5G technology and this will provide the foundation for virtual reality and that will take distance learning to a new level, which is good news for all parties. Who knows? You might be able to have virtual ballet lessons sometime soon!

The Internet of Things

This is the next level for the World Wide Web, when all digital devices are inter-connected, and non-human collaboration, as AI merges with the human conscious, which for many, is a frightening thought indeed!

One thing is for sure; we are all on an exciting journey and for students, distance learning ticks all the boxes and you can expect this to become the norm.