Big Changes Are Coming to Optometry in 2020

The field of optometry has been growing quickly during the past few decades. This has largely come about as the technology in the field has increased, allowing eye doctors to do more with less. With the added ability to take care of more patients, combined with the continued pace of technological advance, 2020 is going to be another big year for Calgary optometrists. This means that eye doctors are going to have to be prepared to contend with these changes in order to continue to provide care for their patients.

First, millions more people are going to require routine eye exams. This also does not account for the increased volume of surgery that is going to have to be performed as the baby boomer generation continues to age. Therefore, eye doctors should be prepared to see an increase in the demand for these services. This means that eye doctors will have to find a way to become more efficient in the exam room, leveraging their staff to perform more of the clerical work, allowing eye doctors to focus on their patients. These exams are important because they help eye doctors catch ocular issues before they start to cause symptoms.

Next, optometry is going to see continued growth when it comes to the internet. Now, people can buy glasses online, and contact lenses fromĀ; however, until recently, the options were limited. Today, people can take the prescription they have received from the eye doctor, head to the internet, and order glasses themselves. Expect to see the internet playing a bigger role in the field of optometry in 2020. Patients should take advantage of this option.

Finally, it has also been estimated that the number of people who will need cataract surgery in 2020 is going to go up as well. While the number of ophthalmologists is increasing, it is not going to increase fast enough to account for the large number of people who are going to need cataract surgery simply as a result of aging. Therefore, eye doctors need to know how to cope with the increased demand for cataract surgery. In short, eye doctors need to be able to leverage new technological devices to shorten the time it takes to carry out this procedure.

These are a few of the biggest developments that eye doctors and patients need to know about in the field of optometry. There are a lot of exciting changes coming to the field, so eye doctors need to be prepared. This will allow them to provide the best care for their patients.