Online Platforms Offers Flexible Part-Time Jobs in Columbus, Ohio

Almost everyone is on the lookout for a part-time job. With the global pandemic affecting jobs and livelihood outcomes, the need for stable and well-paying jobs is rising. 

The burden of finding credible and committed jobs is gruesome, with more people having to pay to access available opportunities for work around the globe. However, online platforms have made it easy to access these positions after a simple registration.

Prospective users can now make money with flexible part-time jobs if exhausted from the tedious nine to five jobs. This has come in handy with many searching possible job avenues online that pay just as well as your regular office job. The use of apps dedicated in ensuring individuals have access to thousands of jobs available is a welcome addition into the employment industry, as it revolutionizes the access employers have to get workers in various fields. 

Upshift is one of the online platforms that offer part-time jobs for users in various industries, in Columbus Ohio. The site provides multiple opportunities for work in various areas and provides training in the available fields. Applicants are given access to the job positions as seen below:

  • Foodservice

Jobs in food service entail all the day to day aspects of food preparation to table serving. These jobs include banquet servers, kitchen staff, bartenders, housekeepers, and the cleaning crew. General knowledge of the foodservice industry is a welcome advantage as it helps push the applicant towards likely employment. 

  • Events catering

In event catering, jobs are tailored to assist in event preparation, management, and organizing. Therefore, applicants who apply in this category should be conversant in ensuring they meet the basic requirements or qualifications. Jobs under this category include positions such as banquet servers, bartenders, kitchen staff, and housekeepers. 

  • Warehouse Manufacturing

This job category hosts all jobs usually assigned to warehouses and industrial uses. For instance, individuals may register to become packers, pickers, general labor staff, janitorial staff, or equipment operators. There are also available slots for customer service staff within the confines of warehouse manufacturing. 

  • Administrative jobs

Administrative jobs include clerical work such as typewriting, data management, and customer service. Individuals who apply for administrative jobs are encouraged to have basic minimum office desk skills to help them navigate through the work they will be required to do. 

How it works

Using Upshift has been made easy with a simplified process that ensures individuals get access to the job positions they require in Central Ohio. 

The first step includes logging onto the Upshift website and applying. The application process consists of a personality assessment and an in-person interview/orientation. Only 12% of those who apply to Upshift are approved!

Once someone has become an Upshifter they can start picking up available shifts. Upshifters can see all available shifts and choose those that work best with their schedule and skills to apply to. Once they start working they are able to clock in and out of work through the Upshift app. This helps in tracking their progress for them to receive their full pay. 

Upshift does not charge applicants for registering and acquiring jobs on the app. Rather, the app requires businesses to pay a fee to hire Upshifters.This helps protect the applicants from external charges that would make them cut their profits. With payments done every Friday, applicants are sure of weekly payments through their cash cards or bank accounts. 

Benefits of flexible part-time jobs

Apps such as Upshift offer a consistent and credible work generator system that seeks to put the applicant’s needs first. The mobile and web platform makes it easy to access the app anytime and at any place, making the app convenient and usable.

Upshift also provides a flexible schedule for its applicants to work effectively at their timing and pace. Therefore, applicants can work at their comfort with everything catered towards their preference. 

Upshift offers applicants a chance to grow their network by exposing them to possible employers ready to work with them. The extra network enables the applicant to expand their portfolio and develop a credible client base for future work operations. 

Upshift is dedicated to providing consistent workflow and feedback upon application. Applicants can now register online to gain access to thousands of jobs available in the market.  

Adam Hansen

Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.