Online Masters in Computer Science for Non CS Majors

While growing and studying we often choose subjects that we love to read or something that is interesting. But many people face difficulties when they decide their master’s degree relative to their graduate degrees. Yes, some of us make that mistake. But that doesn’t mean that it cannot be rectified. You can choose subjects that you want to study, in most of the cases. Online masters in computer science for non CS majors is not a dream anymore. With the increasing inclination of the world towards IT and CS is even compelling students with no CS background to go for the computer science master’s degree. But before you run to the Computer Science master degree, you need to keep some things in mind. First of all is the question that is often asked. 

Should You Go Back to School to Get a Second Undergraduate Degree In Computer Science?

Yes, most of us think of it when we decide to change our field in masters. It is definitely possible but it makes more sense to go for a master’s degree in computer science than go back to get a second bachelor degree in computer science. And as per the Department of Computer Science and Northern Illinois University “Even if you have no background in computer science, earning a master’s degree (as opposed to a second undergraduate degree) will prepare you for jobs that are often more interesting, command higher salaries, and usually offer a better career advancement path. Time and cost are comparable to a second undergraduate degree.”

If you are a non-CS major and you are thinking of taking online masters in computer science for non CS majors then you should take note that there are certain CS bridge programs. The purpose of these programs is to prepare the Non-CS majors for master’s degrees. These courses and programs emphasize on providing the fundamental knowledge that you will need to need to succeed. 

  • Data Structures and Algorithms
  • Computer Organization & Operation System Design

These courses enable students with non-CS graduate backgrounds to understand things in a better way that they are going to face in their computer programming degree

Some more courses and subjects that they need to pay attention to complete their master degree are following. 

  1. Principles of Programming

That is like the basics of computer science and if you are a non-CS graduate, this is one of the most important things that you should learn. 

  1. Data Structures

This class introduces students to data structures that are often used by computer scientists.

  1. Logic and Algorithms

In this class students learn logics and algorithms and how to set them up in data representations.

  1. Problem-Solving in Python

Python is a great start for learning programming languages for beginners. 

One of the institutes that are best for online masters in computer science for non CS majors is University of Pennsylvania. The Online Master of Computer and Information Technology degree (MCIT Online) is tailored for non-computer science majors. 

These are some important notes for people looking for online masters in computer science for non CS majors.

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