Office 365 Reports on Mailbox Usage

The Mailbox Usage Report provides statistics on the level of activity in the mailbox. Whether it’s emails sent, read, appointments created, meetings scheduled, the usage report includes information on how much storage is being used by each user mailbox.

Office 365 Reporting Tool

Apart from managing the activities in a company, many administrators are expected to handle the cloud environments such as Microsoft Office 365. Of course, fetching information in from cloud-based Office 365 can be a daunting task. If you’re looking to get statistics about Office 365 mailbox size, the PowerShell and native tools will only make your work more complicated and prone to errors.

The ADManager Plus’ Office 365 Reports

The ADManager Plus’ is a web-based AD management software that is tailored to reporting functionality to solve this problem. Learn more about its extensive set of pre-configured reports and easily view critical information that is specific to the Office 365 environment. Why use long and complicated PowerShell Scrips whereas you can fetch the required information with a just a few clicks?

The reporting utility in ADManager Plus’ offers the following reports:

  1. Office 365 User Reports

The ADManager Plus’ allows you to access relevant information related to all users, inactive users never logged on users alongside ActiveSync enabled users in your Office 365 environment. Here, an administrator can make informed decisions on the users to assign or revoke the license from.

  1. Office 365 License Reports

Here, administrators can get a comprehensive view of the license information in an organization. The reporting functionality can bring out the exact number and further information on licensed and unlicensed users. Such information is useful in ensuring optimum utilization of licenses all through the organization.

iii. Office 365 Group Reports

Administrators can use the reporting functionality in the ADManager Plus’ Software to access information on all groups in your Office 365 environment. One can further access information on Security and distribution groups. Hence, an administrator will easily pinpoint unauthorized, unused, or even unwanted groups. What’s more, the group member report gives a list of all members of the authorized Groups in the Office 365 environment.

When using the ADManager Plus’ Software, administrators are entitled to in-depth information about their Office 365 environment. Apart from that it also facilitates to create multiple users and groups in Microsoft 365 business, manage licenses, create Microsoft Exchange 2019 Server mailboxes, migrate mailboxes, set storage limits, add proxy addresses, and more. The software also allows auto-generation of the desired reports at specific times. What’s more, their reports can be emailed to multiple users!

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