Small Business Digital Marketing: Tools and Tactics That Can Be a Huge Help

Digital marketing can take a small business to the next level depending on a variety of factors. Most small businesses do not have massive budgets when it comes to marketing so being creative can help stay within the budget and yield the desired results. This differs immensely from larger corporation as they can just throw money at the problem to solve it in some cases. The best thing that can be done is to sit down and define the goals for each marketing campaign to see if the strategy lines up with the goals. The following are tips and tactics that will help a small business with their digital marketing.

Finding a Budget Friendly High Quality Writer

Finding someone that can produce high quality content as a reasonable price should be found. Finding one of these writers can be done by scouring the internet for writers that have written related content to the small business in the past. These writers having experience with writing resources in the industry can help a business turn into a thought leader via their blog. Outreach to these writers to see their rates and try a few writers to see which one produces the best content as well as delivers content on or before the deadline.

Defending The Business Against Adwords Click Fraud

Adwords marketing can be quite lucrative for specific businesses. The tough part about this is that bots and automated software has been used to cheat the system. This can cost a small company thousands of dollars without so much as a conversion. Defending against Adwords click fraud can help a company realize whether an Adwords “professional” has bots clicking ads or understand the industry well enough to work with again.

Free Social Media Promotion is Imperative

Social media can allow a smaller business to promote their content and engage with both current and potential customers. Posting on social media will keep the business current in the minds of followers but there are some things to avoid. Schedule posts out so the month is full of posts rather than sporadically posting. Take the time to share industry related articles to spark engagement and conversation with followers. Take the time to research what time is the more effective when posting as everyone knows certain times of the day are much better for social media traffic.

Freelancers Can Be Effective and Affordable

Freelancers whether they are writers, developers, or PPC professionals can be effective and affordable. Building the right team of freelancers saves a company money without sacrificing a campaign’s budget or strategy. Going to a freelancer platform like that of Upwork allows a company to take a look at the freelancer’s ratings from their previous clients. This offers a company protection as well as the freelancer in the cases of problems with mediation processes already established. Do not think that the company has to hire people in-house as a freelancer can be just as effective at a fraction of the price.

Small businesses need to be creative to meet their ROI on their marketing campaigns to succeed. Fortunately these smaller businesses often times are more flexible about what can be done in comparison to larger corporation. Too many people might have to approve an idea to change a campaign before it is finished if it simply is not working. Small businesses can change in the matter of a day if things are not working as expected. Use the above tips and tactics to allow your business to step things up to the next level.

Adam Hansen

Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.