Monthly Small Business Roundup (October 2014)

Hey peeps!  Here are some of the latest and greatest in small business news and entrepreneurship from around the web. Enjoy!    


Here are 7 ways to detox your inbox

Great list of 6 tips for making the most out of trade shows and conferences

Here is a look at 10 workplace trends for 2015


Marketing and Sales

Here are a few reasons why small businesses should invest time in content marketing

A sophisticated marketer’s guide to getting more leads and sales with Slideshare

Here are 7 lead generation tools every business should use


Social Media

A list of 5 ways that you can grow your leads with LinkedIn

Here are a few reasons you should invest in Social Media Marketing this holiday season

Quick list of 8 Simple Steps to Enhance your LinkedIn Profile


Small Business Technology

10 Ways to protect your mobile payments

Here are 9 Gmail-Ready add-ons to boost email productivity

Heres 10 tips to making Dropbox a more powerful business tool

Adam Hansen

Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.

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