Marketing Tips That Will Help Your Ecommerce Business Thrive During The Holiday Season

Holiday marketing can be immensely important for those in ecommerce. This importance increases if a business is seasonal like that of Halloween costume shops. People spend immense amounts of money during the holidays as a whole so it is time to get a piece of the large profits available. Content being created around the holiday season is usually very important and can be a new way to look at a topic that has been covered on the company blog previously. Holiday marketing ideas should be sourced from the entire staff as this can be a great way to create content or a strategy to maximize profitability. The following are marketing tips that can help an ecommerce business during the holiday season.

Discounts For Items Sitting In Checkout Carts

People often times leave items in their checkout cart that they are unsure about buying. Sending over coupons for these items can help close the sale as this could turn the price into a steal. This has been done for years as a great way to finally close a sale for those customers that are on the cusp of buying. Take an inventory of which items frequently stay in carts without the transaction completing. Creating a large sale for those with the highest volume of staying the cart can help convert these into sales when otherwise they might have never converted. 

Email Campaigns Can Lead To Repeat Customers

Email marketing campaigns can be used to announce a sale or promotion going on during the holidays.
Consumers are ready to spend so the right sale or email blast can result in an immense amount of conversions. A 12 Days of Christmas sale or something like this where a different product is on sale can have customers returning daily. Email marketing tools can make it far easier to track data of how different blasts work compared to others with A/B testing. Data can help make email marketing campaigns as efficient as ever if the data is used correctly to create a strategy going forward. 

Utilize Black Friday And Cyber Monday Sales 

Even using the names Black Friday or Cyber Monday can allow a business to get a few extra sales. People want to feel like they are getting the best deal possible so highlight any discounts available during this time. A consumer is always looking to try to get something for what they think is the lowest price possible besides contacting a wholesaler directly. Underselling the competition can be a tactic that allows for immense numbers of sales of a specific product. Reaching out to your wholesalers to see about holiday pricing can be a good tactic as they might want to up their volume of sales even if their margin decreases minutely. 

As you can see it is time to get very detail oriented with a busy time in ecommerce approaching quickly. Take the time to create a strategy with goals in mind to help make this holiday season the most profitable yet!

Adam Hansen

Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.