Make Store Sales Skyrocket with Retail Task Management Software

All retailers want to grow their business by increasing sales, but daily tasks can be difficult to manage manually. Even with traveling regional managers in place, it’s hard for the head office to monitor individual stores and ensure that standards get maintained at all times—especially as your business expands. 

Retail task management software can help ease that burden while increasing productivity and customer experience, resulting in increased sales.

What is Retail Task Management Software?

Retail task management software is a solution designed to assist retailers in managing daily operations. It helps retailers manage their stores effectively by decreasing the attention needed to keep track of tasks manually. It automates elements of store managers’ jobs and makes sales associates more efficient and effective. 

Additionally, retail task management software helps create direct communication between corporate offices and their frontline. Headquarters can input the list of tasks that need to get completed, such as processing returns and replenishing shelves. The staff can also see what needs to be done on the sales floor and mark tasks as completed as they go along—this saves time and allows senior employees and managers to focus on work beyond micro-managing associates.

Based on the data collected through retail task management software, headquarters and regional managers can also see where staffing may be better redistributed. If tasks for one location are routinely completed within a few hours, but another location is so busy with customers that daily maintenance can’t be completed each day, managers can move staff members between locations to ensure a more balanced and effective workflow.

Functions and Features of Retail Task Management Software:

  1. Time Tracking: You can monitor the time spent by your team members on the different tasks given to them. This will help with scheduling, as you know how long certain tasks take and can adjust the number of staff hours needed to complete them effectively.
  1. Mobile Access: This can be easily integrated on mobile devices, which means you can stay up-to-date, even outside the office or store. Data can be updated by your team and sent to necessary recipients—straight from the floor, or directly from the head office.
  1. Real-Time Updates: You can check each task’s status in real-time and track how long individual employees take to complete specific tasks or which locations have difficulty completing them. This data can help you find solutions to increase productivity—like assigning more efficient employees to the most important tasks and adding additional staff to locations struggling to complete daily tasks.
  1. Store Audits: Audits allow you to monitor overall store performance. Some task management software can help you track sales, campaign effectiveness, inventory, and overall compliance, as well as send surveys down to stores for virtual walkthroughs.
  1. Calendars: Retail task management software sometimes lets you plan, assign, and keep track of who is doing what and when it is being completed with automated calendars, allowing staff to see when regional manager visits, inventory counts, upcoming tasks, or special promotions occur.
  1. Feedback: Some retail task management software can help employees receive and address customer complaints. By keeping a record of customers’ feedback, the process from complaint to resolution can be easily tracked. Successful cases can be used for training and serve as reminders for dealing with similar future issues.
  1. Task Management: Task management software’s primary function is to maintain and track a list of daily jobs that need to get completed. They can be assigned to individuals or teams and can be marked as completed as they get finished, which keeps all levels of management up-to-date on the progress and completion of tasks and also holds employees accountable for the jobs assigned to them.

Many retail task management software options are available, like Storeforce, Zenput, ZetesAthena, Compliantia, Retail Zipline, and others. But one of the leading and affordable retail task management software options out there is Foko Retail.

Why Use Foko Retail’s Task Management Software? 

Foko Retail provides a clear, consistent, and user-friendly platform for you and your team. 

It’s easy to assign tasks and projects to associates, then track their progress in real-time. Once tasks have been completed, employees can check them off as done and move on to the next. 

The dashboard gives all employees access to their personal and team responsibilities for any given shift, as well as access to documents and training manuals that can support them right on the sales floor. They can even receive constructive feedback and praise from managers while they work, boosting employee engagement.

The software offers direct messaging and posts, so associates stay in touch with each other, managers, and the head office to ask questions and clarify information when needed. And with apps available for iOS and Android, associates can stay connected and up-to-date without having to leave the sales floor.

Foko Retail keeps your team goal-oriented and on-task, ultimately increasing productivity, which leads to better store performance and higher sales.

Drew Neisser