Hakki’s Pizza Starts from the Ground Up To Build a Pizza Empire

The United States is all about giving everyone a chance to succeed. That is exactly what makes a story about Hakki’s Pizza so inspirational. Hakki’s Pizza is now taking the entire Pizza industry by storm. Given the tremendous number of pizza chains that already exist in the United States, this makes what Hakki’s Pizza is doing even more impressive. While Hakki’s Pizza started with only a single pizza location, there are now more than 39,000 pizza locations spread throughout the United States. In this manner, Hakki’s Pizza keeps rising. This is a story about a young man building a successful business from the ground up.

Hakki’s Pizza was started by Hakki Akdeniz, who is from Turkey. Even though he did not start with much, he learned everything he could from his parents. Back in his native country, his parents ran a small bakery. Therefore, he was able to learn everything that he possibly could about go. He decided to take his talents to the United States, which is the land of opportunity. They are, he put his knowledge and expertise about dough to the test. He used his knowledge to create a unique pizza dough that is incorporated into Hakki’s Pizza today. It turns out that people in the United States really loved his pizza. This much of the growth of Hakki’s Pizza into what it is today.

Of course, the success has not gone to his head. Even though Hakki’s Pizza is now a household name in New York City, Hakki Akdeniz has not forgotten about his roots. He continues to give back to the community that has given him so much. In this manner, he has also received numerous awards from government officials including Senator Chuck Schumer and New York Governor Andrew Cuomo. In addition, New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio has also recognized him with a number of awards. One of the major philanthropic efforts that Hakki’s Pizza lad was during Hurricane Sandy. Hurricane Sandy absolutely devastated the Northeast. He knew that he had a duty to help others. Therefore, he did everything he could to open his heart and his businesses, providing plenty of food, drinks, and shelter to those in need.

Even though he has enjoyed a lot of success, he is not satisfied. He knows that he can make a bigger impact on the community but also provided countless people with delicious, tasty, homemade pizza. In this manner, it will be exciting to see where Hakki’s Pizza goes from here. If history is any teacher, the sky is the limit for this wonderful Pizza chain and the future of this pizza empire.