Mailing Tips To Help You Protect Your Shipments

Protecting your mailing is something that you most likely do not think about with most of the deliveries you send out. However, when we look at a business or when you need to ship something that is valuable, you absolutely have to think about security. Obviously, you could always use really good bubble mailers, like, but you should also take many other protective steps. With this in mind, here are some simple mailing tips that make everything a lot simpler. 

Do Not Send Cash Through Regular Mail

Money orders and checks are so much safer than when you send cash through regular mail. In the event that the mail is lost or is stolen, cash cannot be recovered. This is not the case with money orders and checks since you can easily reissue or cancel them. 

Never Leave Packages And Mail Unattended

Just as you would with purses and wallets, you should never leave your mail unprotected in the front seat of your car, especially if it unlocked. Both packages and mails should be protected because they do not necessarily get stolen during transit. Contrary to what many believe, most of the mails that are not delivered disappear before they reach the postal office. Because of this, you should never leave your packages in a mailbox for a long time. Just collect them. Similarly, do not leave packages on your front porch even if it is just while you go inside and plan to quickly come back. 

Alternate Shipping Addresses

In most cases, you can arrange packages to be delivered to someone else, like a neighbor, when you are not at home or cannot be contacted during the day. Alternatively, it is always possible to have packages delivered where you work. By setting up an alternate shipping address you automatically guarantee yourself that the package has a much higher possibility of actually reaching the desired destination. 

You should also be aware of that with some postal services you can change a package’s delivery address while it is still in transit. Usually, the package can easily be delivered to a post office, a brand new address or even returned. 

Remember that there are various options that are available for you while a package is in transit. Be aware of them and see if you have to use them in specific scenarios. For instance, when the customer is not going to be home and a package cannot fit a mailbox, delivery instructions can be delivered online so that the carrier can leave the package at the desired location. 

Hold For Pickup – Great For Fragile Shipments

Whenever you ship packages that are fragile, you want to consider the Hold For Pickup feature that most delivery companies offer. This practically means that the package will be delivered to the post office instead of being delivered to the home of the customer. When you do this, the responsibility for the package changes and you can be 100% sure that nothing will happen at the delivery address.

Adam Hansen

Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.