ISP’s Reality During Unexpected Weather Changes

The seasons have been shifting and especially after these extremely chilly nights, lately, things are in full swing since the temperature has finally begun to rise a bit. For those that worked on their summer bodies and even those that didn’t, go ahead and have fun. The beach is calling your name and for those days that you can’t, the internet will always be there for you so have no fear. Except for when the internet goes down on you due to weather conditions, I mean we are in the middle of a major climate change and there is no denying it. Remember that the weather can turn in just 2 minutes as is the case with London. Let’s accept the fact that Mother Nature is cruel and has to be respected and feared at the same time. Keep in mind that when the internet goes down, it’s usually a snowball-like effect, therefore, asking your neighbors for access to their Wi-Fi network is out of the question. If your cable and telephone services also happen to be bundled with your Internet, then you, my friend, are screwed because, in the case of an outage from your provider, all three services will be taken down. So for when the internet goes down, you want to make sure that you have something to kill time. For that purpose, offline music, a backup power bank, and a Bluetooth speaker would be extremely helpful in case the power goes too.  Therefore, you want to make sure that you have chosen a service provider that has you sorted out in a reasonable manner. 

Response time during the outage

AT&T Internet just happens to be my service provider and I had to go with the theme not because I knew about it, but because they were the only internet service providers in my area that had real high-speed and unlimited internet. I mean their customer service is not questionable, which just happens to be the case with each and every service provider that I have come across. I do have to admit to the fact that their response time for when services do go down is impressive, especially so due to the upcoming weather warnings for my area, which are dry and hot leading to fires and such. The monsoon weather is expected to be dry and nothing more than a long drought. If there happens to be rainfall, then one thing is for sure that it will be bad, because everything is going to come at once. So far, I have experienced only one outage, which was catered to and resolved within a few hours of notifying them of the issue. I hope the response time holds true if it does happen to rain. However, I just hope that it doesn’t flood when it rains, or I will make sure not to lose my cool. Apart from their response time for when things go wrong, the internet speed is as advertised.

Bundling and Installation

The thing that won me over when it came to AT&T was the price for when you bundled everything together, the total bill per month was extremely reasonable and I saved a lot on the installation as well, since every provider charges a handful amount for the installation of each service. The installation tech did a clean install and to my surprise, he actually knew what he was doing, therefore, I didn’t mind a little fee I paid, at all. It is always nice to get someone that knows what they’re doing. It was super nice of the technician to add on the equipment during the installation, which is not always ISP’s reality during unexpected weather changes the case with other service providers. I did decide to rent their equipment on the spot after the tech demo-ed it for me and demonstrated that the range offered by their router was better than the router I owned previously. I now have a signal in all corners of my house, the basement, and the front and backyard. The tech did recommend that I call tech support every few months to reset my router and change the password for my router to ensure that everything was as it should be. The technician was knowledgeable and professional, so kudos to AT&T for hiring such an educated staff.

Bottom Line

If you happen to venture out during a storm as I do, then make sure you take necessary precautions. Many might consider me to be slightly insane because I appreciate the beauty of the storm and feel alive as the wind gets crazy. You want to wear protective eyewear and something to cover your face that lets you breathe and see, something semi-transparent. Beware of high winds, which can snap lines causing them to fall. If you happen to see a fallen cable of some sort, then do stay clear of it since it can still be active and possibly electrocute you. When driving, be careful since the visibility of the road can change dramatically. Always make sure you have a roadside kit with flairs in your vehicle. It’s always a good idea to keep food and a blanket in your trunk in case of emergencies. Don’t forget to take your camera with you and catch Mother Nature in all her beauty and fury.

Adam Hansen

Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.