Is the Construction Industry a Safe Career?

If you have been considering a career in construction, you may find yourself getting put off by some of the stories you have heard about the industry. It is true that the industry is among the most dangerous to work in, but is the construction industry a safe career?

Why the Construction Industry?

If you always loved playing with Lego as a kid, you may find yourself getting quite excited about being able to build Manhattan skyscrapers or earthquake-proof offices in Los Angeles. There is really nothing like this industry for the variety of your work or the pride you will feel when you see that your building has been finished or that it will last for hundreds of years.

This industry is well paid and construction projects are being carried out all over the world all the time so you can travel as much as you want to. Many people are attracted to this industry but there are still more jobs to fill than there are people to do them which means that, even if you don’t want to leave your own neighborhood, you will never be out of work.

This is a wide industry which means that you could find yourself working in many different areas. You could even work your way to the top and be in charge of a multi-million-dollar construction project one day.

Industry Dangers

However, as mentioned, the industry can be dangerous. You may feel that it is best to have a New York Construction accident lawyer on speed dial, for example, just in case things go wrong when you build your Manhattan Skyscraper, but modern health and safety standards should keep you safe if you are following the correct protocols.

Following the Rules

Many of the accidents you could have in the construction industry are perfectly avoidable if you are careful. Every day, accidents happen due to human error or people cutting corners. Some people do not use equipment safely or wear the right type of protective clothing at the right time. Health and safety in the industry legislate for all these events and it is often when protocols are ignored that accidents happen. If you make sure that you keep yourself safe and you are always vigilant, then you will be okay. If you do not do the things that you have been taught, or you fail to follow orders, you could find yourself getting injured.

Plan for the Uncontrollable

There are things in the construction industry that are outside your control. For example, many accidents are caused by adverse weather conditions making structures unsafe or easy to slip on. Although these are outside your control, being vigilant and planning how you will deal with these problems in advance can stop you from having an accident.

The construction industry is not without its dangers but taking risks should be what you enjoy if you want to follow this career, and you will certainly be well paid for doing so. It is one of the best careers if you are looking for variety and job satisfaction and it would be recommended as a profession by many people who work in the industry.


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