Is CCIE worth it in 2021? After Biggest Cisco Certification Update


Many network professionals are asking themselves whether the CCIE certification is worth it in 2021? 

It depends on how serious you are about working as an IT expert. If you want to have a long-term IT career, you’d only advance in your career if you have proper certification. 

However, the question remains whether the CCIE certification is worth your time and energy? You need to measure the pros and cons of appearing for the CCIE certification. 

Reasons why CCIE might not be worth it 

Highly difficult exam: It takes a lot of hard work, dedication, and time to pass the CCIE examination. You have to spend a humongous amount of time studying for the exam. If you choose to take up the CCIE certification, you need to start preparing at least 6 to 9 months ahead. 

Moreover, you need to study, learn and understand CCIE concepts and terminologies. For this, you need to consult a diversified learning material. You cannot rely on one source. You have to check the workbooks, previous CCIE dumps, and online reading material.

Preparing for the exam requires you to compromise on your family time. Have a friend? Started a new hobby? If you are planning to opt for the CCIE examination, you need to put a hold on all your activities and concentrate on the Cisco documentation. If you are fond of reading books over the weekend, you need to replace them with Cisco-related reading material. To beat the difficulty level of the exam you need to make the switches and routers your new best friends. 

Logistics are difficult: There are only 9 Cisco-recognized locations worldwide where you can take your CCIE lab examination. This makes the logistics of the examination difficult. However, you can take the written exam from anywhere in the world. You have to put in a lot of effort and dedication to give the CCIE exam. 

Over qualification: CCIE certification makes you overqualified for most jobs in the IT industry. Getting the CCIE certification prepares you to deal with complex networking problems. However, you might end up getting a job that does not require you to handle difficult networking issues. You might not be able to use all your expertise. 

Reasons why CCIE is worth it in 2021

For any career, certification is beneficial for your growth. CCIE is an expert-level certification for Network professionals that take your career growth to a new level. It is considered to be the Ph.D. for network professionals. 

If you get the CCIE certification in 2021, you’d get a chance to shine bright. It allows you to grow in your career 

Impressive salary package: When you have the CCIE letters on your resume, it lands you to a promising job. Moreover, you get to negotiate a higher salary package with your employees. There is a remarkable difference between the salary of network engineers who have the CCIE certification and the ones who don’t have it. 

Growing demand: With the advancement in the IT industry, there is a growing demand for CCIE experts. Companies and organizations are looking for people who have the skill set to deal with IT-related problems. Only a CCIE certified professional can understand the advanced level routing and switching issues. 

Learning tool: CCIE certification is an exceptional learning tool. You get to study a lot of CCIE related study material, workbooks, and online courses. You get to learn about helpful tips and techniques to solve problems related to the IT industry. For more helpful hints Check out SPOTO New CCIE

Cisco keeps on updating its certification courses to keep up with the changes in the IT industry. If you want to enhance your career, you should enroll yourself in the certification course to get the relevant understanding related to your field.

Job Security: The job market has become very unpredictable. You always need to stand on your toes to keep up with the growing competition. Especially in the IT industry, you have to keep yourself updated with the latest trends. Hence CCIE certification gives you an edge over your peers and colleagues.

When you have the CCIE certification, people think of you as someone highly skilled and serious about his IT career. This gives you a sense of job security and a better salary package.


CCIE is one of the biggest achievements in the IT industry. It is something you should be proud of. It makes you do your job in a better way. You get to understand the IT relation concepts and terminologies that help you in your job.

Hence, it is best to opt for the CCIE certification in 2021. It is worth your time and effort.

Adam Hansen

Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.