Instagram Vs Facebook: Which is Best to Gain Popularity

Facebook and Instagram are the most popular social media platforms. Often people are overcome with the dilemma about which one of the two is the best way to gain popularity. In this pursuit, users can determine the best by gaining Facebook likes, getting more Instagram likes, getting more Instagram followers because what other way to know which social media platform is working the best for you. The one that is increasing in reach, demographics, visibility, and various other factors is the one ideal for you.

Therefore, to give you an idea of what works best on which platform, we are here! Read on to discover the secrets of social media and strategize a plan that suits you the most.

Engagement Wise 

Both Instagram and Facebook offer you the place to advertise and increase your reach. Facebook is a place that has over 60 million business pages running. However, it might not be ideal in terms of engagement as Instagram is a more user-friendly platform and users openly engage with other users or brands. However, even after being a high engagement platform, Instagram necessarily does not give you a consistent result on every post.

It is important to understand that picture posts perform very well on Instagram and help one boost their reach. Meanwhile, Facebook is a place where posting photo content yields low engagement results, slowing one’s reach. Thus, mixing up the two platforms for a productive engagement stat is important. Try advertising with pictures on Instagram and with videos on Facebook, for an effective result.

Higher Visibility 

In this argument, Facebook wins hands down. The reason is simple. Facebook has been around for a longer time than Instagram. Facebook is what made being on social media “cool” and “popular”. And, it will not be wrong to say that if it was not for Facebook, the popularity of Instagram as a social media platform would not be so hyped. Facebook has a much larger user base than Instagram. It is also a platform where people from all age groups are active. Unlike, Instagram which is more popular among the younger audience. 

Thus, it is not wrong to say that Facebook is a place that will give you more visibility than Instagram. If you are not targeting a specific audience or age group and looking for a universal boost, Facebook is your getaway. 

Audience Demographics

If you are someone who is looking to gain popularity through targeting the audience, then Instagram is the place for you. It is often recommended in social media strategies that a prime feature of endorsing your brand or account is to know your target audience and work with audience demographics. 

Instagram audience base is young- active users on Instagram are usually under 30 and most are teenagers. This means creating trendy content on Instagram is going to get caught in a feedback loop and even go viral. For viral popularity, Instagram is the best platform to be. 

Here is how you can target your audience-

  • Instagram to reach teenagers, millennials, and women from a younger age group
  • Men from younger age group are active on both Facebook and Instagram
  • Older generation people are more present on Facebook

Distributing Information

Facebook and Instagram are informative platforms. However, there is one thing that Instagram lacks which makes it difficult while distributing information- adding a link. Instagram has some major limitations with linking. One can add a link in their bio description. However, that is all Instagram has to offer. It does not allow you to add links in your caption. 

Even to add links in your Instagram stories you either need a follower base of above 10k or a blue tick beside your account name, both of which are difficult parameters to achieve. The only way to link something on Instagram is by doing a sponsored post.

On the other hand, Facebook is a platform where you can link for free and without limitations. Be it captions or stories, you can add the link to your blog or website, or product with ease. Thus, Facebook is a platform that helps you easily distribute information.

Advertisements and Costs

Facebook is a better platform to advertise online in comparison to Instagram. The key reason is Facebook offers a variety of advertisement types (11 types) whereas Instagram offers a lot less (4 types). Even though Instagram story ads are better than Facebook feed ads, there is a lack of professionalism in Instagram ads. 

Moreover, Facebook ads are cheaper than Instagram ads. Being cost-efficient is important when it comes to social media marketing as you need to modify your ads according to how they perform. Therefore, Facebook is a safety net to fall onto.


It is important to realize that gaining popularity on social media is both easy as well as tough. It sure depends on the platform but it also depends on the type of content you are putting up. Informative content performs better on Facebook. 

Aesthetic content performs better on Instagram. Engagement wise both platforms work best when used together. Thus, you must realize what you are looking for before you judge and decide which is the right platform for you. 

Chris Z