Innovative Software To Streamline Employee Tracking

Managing a team of employees can be tricky, especially when taking into account that traditional paper timesheets are so easily misplaced. What’s more, your employees are bound to make a few mistakes when filling in paper sheets and these entry errors can be detrimental to your budget restrictions, employee payroll, and project deadlines. In addition to this, attempting to identify these errors is extremely time-consuming, which means that traditional timesheets will essentially cost you in both valuable time and money. Luckily, technology hosts the perfect solution as employee time tracking apps streamline the process of tracking your employees and managing projects in one secure accessible place. However, there are several innovative apps to choose from, which can make the decision a bit overwhelming. To help you determine the most appropriate employee time tracking app, you should ensure that your candidate options offer the following functions and features.


The most beneficial employee tracking platforms are available on mobile smartphones. It would be best to opt for software that can be used on all types of mobile devices to ensure your choice is accessible for all your employees. Mobile-friendly apps will allow you to manage your team and monitor hours worked even if you are out of the office. What’s more, your employees will also be able to make entries on the go and receive notifications from their smartphones. Opting for an app that is not mobile-friendly will simply decrease employee productivity as important deadlines and notification would only be seen when employees sign into the software from the web. This will leave ample room for errors that could be detrimental to your business. 

Automated Stopwatch Feature

An automated stopwatch feature can be extremely beneficial when it comes to meeting important deadlines. The most suitable apps would have this function inbuilt and it would allow you to accurately monitor projects and tasks in real-time. Your data immediately sync with your business account and saved in one secure place. This feature will also enable you to stay on top of budget restrictions and employee hours.

Analytic Reports

Manually generating analytical reports for each of your employees can be understandably daunting and time-consuming. However, with innovative software solutions that have been developed to simplify the amount of effort that you have to put in to manage your team efficiently. Top-rated employee time tracking apps will provide an extremely useful report generating features that will allow you to export your data in just a few clicks. Rather than risk compiling inaccurate reports, you can consider taking advantage of software that boasts accurate and efficient report generating features.

Free Trial Period

Many business owners may not carefully consider the crucial importance of a free trial period. Even though you may be decided on a certain app for your business, apps that offer free trial periods would usually be the best option as this ultimately ensures account holders that developers are absolutely certain about their app. In addition to this, opting for a free trial will give you the time to navigate the platform and assess whether or not the software truly is best for you and your employees. You will be able to test functions and features and establish the apps general benefits to your business. Being able to properly asses an app before signing up will help you avoid the unfortunate reality of potentially settling on a software that is simply not able to mee the needs of you and your team of dedicated employees.

Relying On Software To Simplify Business

Traditional methods of running a business are fast being overtaken by the simplicity and accuracy that software and technology are able to offer. While some business owners may feel undecided as change can be overwhelming, skeptical entrepreneurs should test the benefits of software before making a decision. Even though adapting to drastic changes for your business and management methods can be daunting, there is a list of incredible benefits associated with relying on software and technology solutions. From extreme affordability to ultimate peace of mind found within consistent accuracy that can be relied on, it would be wise to optimize your business’s abilities through the use of innovative software apps and technologies. There are several fantastic apps on the market that can streamline almost every aspect of running your business, including payroll. As most software has been proven to effectively improve employee productivity, it would be well worth your while to assess which apps would benefit your business and your employees.

Adam Hansen

Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.