Inform Your Employees How to Manage the Use of Office Supplies Better

Office supplies are essential in regular operations. You can’t do crucial tasks without these supplies. Even during this digital age, people still print documents. Stamps, staplers, pens, and markers are still useful. The problem is that some of your employees will overuse these items. They might even use some for personal purposes. These tips will help you inform them that they should be better at managing resources.

Create a system 

There should be a system to account for the items that go in and out of the supplies cabinet. It’s easier to determine which items are still available for use and which ones require replacement. You will also know who uses more items. You can talk to these people and remind them to be more careful about using office supplies. 

Hire a supplies manager

It would help if you had someone to take care of and account for all these supplies. It’s even more important for big companies that use plenty of office supplies. You can hire a manager who will set rules and ensure no one abuses the office’s use of supplies.

You can also require this person to restock the cabinet if supplies run out. Choosing a cheap office supplies company as a partner in this regard is an excellent idea. You want to use quality and affordable office supplies. If you have to change suppliers to negotiate a better price, you can also let this person do the job. 

Try to digitise some tasks

You don’t have to use office supplies for everything that you do. You can try to digitize some of the tasks to lessen the use of paper and pens. It also helps if you try to maximize technology. It could take time for some employees to get used to it, but they will get there. Explain to them the reason for these changes and consider the needs of your customers. If you can speed things up, it’s good for the company.

Don’t be angry

When you explain to your employees that they need to be more careful with the office resources, you don’t need to be angry at them. You have to understand that some of them are careful in using the supplies. They’re also using them for specific purposes at work. If you scold your employees, they might feel terrible and decide not to work hard anymore.

Let your employees know that these changes are for the benefit of the business. They shouldn’t feel bad that you remind them about the careful use of resources. Besides, if you can lessen the overhead expenses because you saved more money on office supplies, it can help the business in other ways.

If there are other suggestions to save more supplies, you can ask your employees. They might have other ideas since they are the ones who regularly use the supplies in the office. They will understand your decision and decide to cooperate with you.

Adam Hansen

Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.