Increasing The Productivity At Your Small Business-Every Employee Can Make a Difference

The ability to see the impact of a single employee’s improvement at a small business helps in a variety of ways. The employee will see the positive impact they have made which can be lost at a larger company with hundreds of employees. This also gives the owner of the business the ability to predict profitability for each employee. Increasing that productivity will simply increase profits but it has to be done tactfully. Pushing too hard can have the opposite effect and lead to high employee turnover as constantly pushing does not make for good company morale. The following are tips to help you increase the productivity of your employees at your small business.

Power Naps

Power naps being taken during the day can help those that at times might drop in productivity after lunch. This does not mean that naps should be allowed all day or the time napping should be paid. Giving employees a lunch where they have the option of going into a dark break room to nap is a perk that many will tell their friends about. This can help rejuvenate an employee and even laying there relaxing can help a person that is having an unusually stressful day. A comfortable mattress like that of Ghostbed can be the perfect addition to the office. Treating employees like people and understanding that a nap is needed once in a while will have them performing at a higher level as they feel valued by the company.  

Allowing People To Work From Home If They Hit Certain Numbers

The ultimate perk that a company can give to an employee is the ability to work from home. Setting a goal for those in production based jobs in order to work from home might see huge improvements. People simply hate commuting and being able to work in pajamas is something that many people yearn for daily. Those that do not hit the numbers should not be considered for this as employees that don’t produce in the office are unlikely to start finding their stride at home.

Taking A Close Look At Processes In Order To Improve Them

Asking employees what you could do to make their job easier can be a huge help. You might find that people are doing things that could be automated instead of performing the main tasks of their job. Ask for suggestions to see if this can help provide any ideas and track employee time to see if they should be spending time doing other things. A great example of making a job easier is a client questionnaire so the sales team can pitch the client what they are interested in rather than pitch them everything the company provides. This can help hone a pitch as well as identify pain points of a client which is great knowledge for a seasoned sales pro to have.

Providing Lunch In The Office

Providing lunch daily for your small business can do a myriad of positive things. It can help increase communication as employees will talk at lunch as they will not be going out alone. Better communication is a staple of becoming more productive as it makes most processes more seamless. The ability to control what is being served for lunch is also an advantage for the company. Providing healthy lunches will keep employees productive when compared to providing pizza or having them go out for an unhealthy meal. Combine this with the fact that employees love free things and it can increase morale makes this a no brainer.

Take your time to see how you can make each employee more productive daily. The improvement of each staff member even if it is a small amount will add up over the course of a year.

Adam Hansen

Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.