Ideal Gifts For Officemates

Giving gifts to our officemates is not that common nor it is unconventional. We often do this to special persons in important positions in the organization and to our closest friends in the workplace. The former would definitely score you some recognition points while the latter will deepen your relationship and improve office morale.

The ideal gifts for your workmates should not all be functional, they can also be comical and trivial. You should take your time to think about this list of funny gift ideas for the office, to make sure the recipient gets the humor and the gesture of the gift. What matters is that it improves the mood in the workplace to distract the people from the humdrum routine of the daily grind. This is not only for your officemates but for your relatives in the workforce as well. This variety of gifts are inexpensive and they are cartable as well so you wouldn’t have to worry about handling them.

1. Daily Mood Flipchart

Facebook has a feature that lets you tell your audience about how you feel. This particular gag gift works perfectly for a smaller audience like your office. If you have a co-worker that doesn’t like being interrupted when they’re indisposed, you can give them this flipchart to help them convey their current state without saying anything. This chart has fun emotional moods like “neglected”, “terrific”, “tired”, and many more, which can be displayed to signal incoming visitors to their station.

2. Desktop Punching Bag

If you know someone who is constantly under a lot of stress, this particular gift is helpful to let them blow off some of that brewing tension away. It is easily clamped on the edge of a desk and it’s the right size for receiving some of that anxiety bottled inside the person. A few hits per day on this punching bag will do them wonders.

3. Time 

These fun sticky notes shaped like a wristwatch are a fun way to remind people of the tasks they’re responsible for. They can wrap it around their arm like a watch and when they glance over to look at the clock, they’ll be reminded of what they should be doing or will have to accomplish at that specific time.

4. Fun Organization

These folders are pre-labeled in a fun way to help ease out the stress of sorting out the details of their daily tasks. Instead of saying incoming or outgoing files, it’ll say “things I don’t want to do”, “things that wasted my time”, and “things that I shouldn’t be doing”.

5. Icebreaker Gums: “Get Along With Co-Workers Gum”

These are just ordinary fruit-flavored gum but wrapped uniquely for the purpose of starting a conversation with a person who’s usually awkward at small talk. When offered with this gum, it can immediately induce a light humored invitation to make small conversations. This is perfect if you know an aloof person, uncomfortable to talk to at the drinking station or smoking area.


6. Complaint Number

This gag gift is good for persons constantly listening to a lot of complaints or grievances from other co-workers. Shaped like a grenade with a priority number attached to the pin, it’ll make a good snarky statement for people who whines and complain a lot.

There are still a lot of items that you can search on the internet that would be a better gift for your officemates. These are just some of the smart and funny items your colleagues would or wouldn’t want to have, but hilarious either way. Giving novelty gifts is one way to boost morale and to leave an impression on the people you’re working with.

Adam Hansen

Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.