Howard Fensterman: A New York Attorney Who’s Getting Things Done

Who is Howard Fensterman? The simple answer is that he’s a member of the New York community. But he’s not just a community member: He’s a community leader. New York is a difficult place to work, but people regularly turn to Howard Fensterman because he knows how to get things done.

In charities

As a legal leader in New York, Howard Fensterman and his law firm devote much of their time to helping others. With experience in the legal field as well as corporate law, he knows how to set up, manage, and develop a charity. Howard Fensterman brings a lifetime of experience and strong convictions of justice to supporting the community.

Getting it done with donations

Extensive donations to the Long Island Chapter of the Crohn’s and Colitis Foundation of America and the Chabad of Port Washington have helped these groups support the New York community in tangible ways. 

Through these donations, the Crohn’s and Colitis Foundation are able to carry on their work of educating people about these difficult diseases and supporting community members who suffer from them.

Meanwhile, Chabad of Port Washington exists to bring the goodwill and generosity of the Jewish people to bear on the problems the community faces. Through donations by Howard Fensterman, and others inspired by his generosity, Chabad has been able to bring genuine relief to working moms and serve the community with youth sports and school programs offered to everyone, regardless of race or creed.

Getting it done with leadership

In addition to donating monetarily to local charities, Howard Fensterman also donates his time and expertise by serving on the Board of Trustees of the Long Island Chapter of the Crohn’s and Colitis Foundation

His example has inspired other members of his law firm to make similar donations of their expertise, which has benefited, among others, the Mental Health Law Practice group, Catholic Migration Services, and the Health Care Fraud and White Collar Criminal Defense Practice Group.

In the legal world

Howard Fensterman and his law firm lead New York in health care law, malpractice defense, and many other areas of corporate, real estate, and family law. Not content to simply work on cases, Howard Fensterman donates his time working for more just laws and fair treatment for all.

To inspire other legal minds to step up and take their place in the community, Howard Fensterman and his law firm have established the Betsy Malik ’87 Memorial Summer Fellowship in Health Law and Policy award. This award, giving in partnership with Hofstra University School of Law, is a scholarship for students of law interested in serving their community in the area of health law.

In the world at large

Howard Fensterman regularly places his vast legal expertise at the service of New Yorkers. He serves on the New York State Public Health Council and the Public Health and Health Planning Council of New York State. These organizations are tasked with protecting the health of New Yorkers and developing health and wellness plans that benefit the entire community.

With advice and leadership from Howard Fensterman, these organizations have successfully adopted a Sanitary Code for health care and hospice facilities that protects patients. They have also designed an ambitious prevention agenda, beginning in 2019, to improve the health and well-being of New Yorkers by increasing equity, reaching marginalized people groups, and preventing premature deaths among New York’s senior citizens and minority populations. 

Though the New York State Prevention Agenda has just begun, it’s already making a difference in preventing hospitalizations and getting health care to a greater number of people within the community.

Getting things done

To get things done, you need to turn to someone with experience, expertise, and a commitment to serving the community and promoting justice. You need to turn to Howard Fensterman.

Adam Hansen

Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.