How You Can Market Your New Local Business With Flyers

Starting a business is a huge accomplishment in itself but that by no means guarantees a founder success. Those starting a business in a local area are going to need to market much differently than a business that caters to a worldwide demographic. The marketing budget for a small local business might not be as large as others in the area so it is important to keep costs down. A proactive approach to marketing can make a huge difference and creating a buzz with flyers before the business opens can be invaluable. Lack of people at a business like a restaurant might create the idea that the food is subpar whether this is fair or not. The following are ways that you can market your new business in your local area.

Flyers Work!

Flyers can be a great way to help announce a new business as radio ads and newspaper ads might not reach your target demographic. The trick is finding a motivated person to hand these out as well as putting them in highly trafficked areas of the city or town. The flyer could be announcing some kind of special or simply be announcing new products/services being offered. The best thing that you can do is to get a professional to help with your flyers as a poorly made flyer will reflect poorly on the business as a whole.

Get Traffic To Your Website

Putting location information as well as the business’ website on the flyer is imperative. This can help build leads and even putting coupon codes on these flyers can be a great idea for ecommerce stores or other businesses that are mainly based online. Offering a special like a few dollars off of an order of a certain amount with a coupon code found on the flyer can boost sales while not impacting margins too negatively.

Get Involved With The Community

Flyers do not just have to promote your business but they can also promote events that your business is sponsoring or involved in. Consumers in a local area tend to like to patronize the businesses that value the community rather than being a nameless faceless corporation. Sponsoring a cleanup of a body of water or a food drive will surely earn the trust of the local community. People also understand that flyers do cost money so they will see this as an investment in the local community that they cherish.

Partner With Other Local Businesses

Exposure is paramount so going and reaching out to other businesses in the area is important. There will be some businesses that will keep your flyers in their business simply for your business doing the same thing. A great example of partnership would be a restaurant near a movie theater. Bringing in the receipt from the movie theater to the restaurant can lead to a discount on a meal or vice versa. Do not underestimate the generosity of other small businesses in the area as the local economy depends on these types of businesses.

Flyers are underutilized in today’s business landscape and can be a huge difference maker in local business. Try announcing your business’ next sale via flyers to see if this delivers a return on investment that you have always dreamt about.

Adam Hansen

Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.