How Virtual Services Are Helping Businesses Around the World

The pandemic has wreaked economic havoc across the world, causing many small businesses to shut down, with extended lockdowns severely restricting many sectors and for some, the Internet has become the platform on which to deliver their services.

Wide Range of Business Sectors

The list is indeed long, with all forms of design and consultancy offering their services via video conferencing; here are some examples of business services that are no being offered in a virtual environment.

  • Healthcare – Mental health counselling is a critical service, especially during these troubling times, while many GPs now offer virtual appointments, which is often enough to make an accurate diagnosis and prescribe effective treatment. Another great example of tele-healthcare is the best treatment for melasma by QR8 Mediskin, which is supported by a series of Zoom calls with the patient. The essential data is gathered via an online questionnaire and a video consultation, then the dermatologist makes a special batch of prescription skin cream, which is delivered to the patient’s door and a series of Zoom calls support the treatment plan. Physios are also making good use of VoIP technology by treating patients in a virtual manner; they can monitor the patient and check they are doing the exercises correctly.
  • Fitness, Yoga & Pilates – Fitness centres and yoga studios are now offering virtual classes that allow people to continue with the routines despite the lockdowns. Using Zoom, you can communicate with your instructor and the other students; all you need is a laptop, some open space and a stable Internet connection and you’re good to go!
  • Business Training Courses – What used to be delivered in a meeting or conference room is now conducted via a Zoom video conference; from team-building activities to sales technique workshops, these services are available in a virtual environment, which is not that different from being in the same physical space. You can even learn how to build a professional e-commerce website in a virtual environment.
  • Legal Services – You won’t need to visit a lawyer’s offices if you are going through a complicated divorce, as everything can be arranged via video conferencing, plus the fees are reduced, which is always great news. Whether you wish to write your Last Will & Testament or create a trust for your children, the virtual legal services offer a solution and you never need to travel to their offices.
  • Real Estate – Real estate agents are all making good use of virtual tours that enable potential buyers to view properties and from the buyer’s perspective, this saves a lot of time; after viewing a property virtually, you can decide if it is worth booking a physical viewing, thus saving valuable time.

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technology empowers many businesses and enables them to survive until things get back to normal. If you are planning to travel, always check with the Australian government regarding the latest Covid-19 updates and with many services offered in a virtual environment, you can reduce the risk of Covid infection.