How to Use Graphic Design as a Tool to Promote Your Brand

Building a brand is no easy feat. It often takes a considerable amount of time, money, and energy to lift your new company into the market, not to mention the effort required to build a respectable following.

But while brand awareness takes hard work, it doesn’t have to be painful. In fact you can — and should — engage with your clients or potential customers in a fun and memorable way in order to build your base. This is where graphic design comes in as a valuable tool you can use.

Your image

The most important thing to remember when launching a new brand, rebranding a stale idea, or attacking a new market segment is that your image is everything. Your logo is the forward facing representation of the company that new customers will see first. And make no mistake about it, buyers always judge a book by its cover. This means that potential customers will take notice of your design elements first, and internalize them as a symbol of what to expect. 

Starbucks is a great example of this. When you see their iconic mermaid logo above the door, you have a built-in expectation of the coffee taste you’ll be getting, and an image and likely salivary sensation recalling the sandwiches or muffins you ate the last time you stopped in. All this means that your imagery must be well designed, and your digital print graphics have to be professionally developed and tastefully placed.

Likewise, when dealing with an online presence, it is essential to utilize a photo storage device that enables remote and instantaneous access in order to streamline your online imagery use – both for rendering purposes and so that your creative team has easy access to the materials necessary for efficient strategy building.

While you may not have much printing to consider, your online imagery is equally important. You need to build a sleek layout that stands out in your visitors’ eyes while also directing them down the page to your services and projects. One way to accomplish this is to update your site frequently. Including new eye-catching or revolving content will entice your readers to stay on your site rather than navigate back to their previous location or search tab.

Promoting yourself

Reeling in new clients can be a challenge that even catchy graphics can’t always overcome, however. Once you build a solid base of iconic imagery surrounding your business, it’s time to start actively promoting your organization.

Making a splash requires a bold move. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean an expensive marketing campaign or gimmicky trick to draw in new clients. The best campaigns to expand your presence develop organically. One way to achieve this is to tap into pop culture. Activating the themes and interests of the audience you’re hoping to convert is a smart and often cost-effective alternative to a massive marketing push that may end up falling flat anyway.

Tapping into these interests and utilizing a social media presence to build brand awareness can generate a buzz around your business that will then convert viewers into users and clients by tying your advertising and iconography together into one seamless experience for your users.

Building a brand requires patience and a strong work ethic. But a smart approach that puts imagery and user experience first can build a memorable brand that is used by a massive, global audience.

All it takes is dedication and a team of creative, socially minded individuals with their ears to the ground, ready to build stunning graphic elements that make people talk.

Adam Hansen

Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.