How To Track Your SSN Application?

Application for a social security card is never an easy process, especially for those who do it through the Social Security Administration (SSA). The process could be even more challenging if applicants do not receive their cards within the stipulated period (usually two weeks). What does someone do in case of such a problem?

Its wise for applicants to check their status if they’ve waited longer than usual. Sometimes, the process could be tiresome, but in the end, they should be able to track their application. Also, they should be able to resolve any issues with difficulties. Calling SSA’s toll-free number is one of the things to do.

How Long Does SSA Take Process Your SSN?

Processing times are different depending on the state someone is in. Averagely, it takes about two weeks for applicants to receive their SSNs and cards. However, those who mail their applications instead of filing them at SSA’s field offices should expect to receive their cards after four weeks.

When To Call SSA

If cards take longer than usual to arrive by mail, applicants should call SSA’s toll-free number 1-800-772-1213. Those who have problems with hearing can call 1-800-325-0778 instead. Although representatives are on standby every weekday from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m., the most suitable times to call them are in the afternoons.

Required Documents To Prepare

Before calling SSA, gather all identifying documents required during a Social Security Card application process. Those who filed their requests at field offices should also have their receipt nearby. The documents could help representatives track applications faster.

Find Out Details From The Representative

Applicants should ask representatives if there was any problem with their applications. They should find out if their requests are still pending or their cards have already been mailed. In the case of pending applications, applicants should ask when they should expect to receive their cards.

To rule out any mailing issues, applicants should verify their addresses. They may have to file fresh applications if SSA mailed their cards to wrong addresses. Some mailed requests do get lost. Applicants who find themselves in such situations must replace their identification documents including passports and birth certificates.

What If A Phone Call Doesn’t Work?

Those who cannot resolve their application issues over the phone might need to visit SSA field offices. Fresh submissions, mailing address mix-up, and mailed applications with ineligible identifying documents are some things that might force applicants to visit the offices.

Scheduling an appointment by calling the toll-free number is important in time-saving. Without appointments, applicants may have wait to for at least 30 minutes at SSA offices before a representative attends to them. However, those who need their cards urgently can go without booking.

Applicants should understand that they require following the same procedures when visiting SSA offices as calling the toll-free number. They must still have their identifying documents with them and ask the same questions to representatives as those over the phone.

Make The Process Easier

Some people can go through the tracking process and still have their applications denied. Requesting SSNs through third-party agents could avoid the challenges of doing it through SSA. They charge a small fee for their services,unlike the free SSA application. However, they make the process faster and easier.

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