How to Track FedEx Packages in Real Time

No matter if you are a sender or a recipient, tracking packages in real time is always a pro. A sender can prove that the package has been sent; the recipient can watch it being delivered and make plans accordingly if the delivery does matter that much. With the right tracking of FedEx, planning gets much easier.

There are two major ways to track a FedEx package in real time: on the official site and with the help of some independent trackers. Both methods have their advantages and disadvantages, so let’s see how to use them and to benefit from them.

Official Services: Pros and Cons

If we stick to FedEx, there is an official tracking page on the FedEx official site. Not only can you enter the number of a single shipment and see where it is at the moment (and where it was delivered there). You can also use the door tag number or customer reference.

If you authorize, you can track multiple shipments at the same time. In addition, you don’t have to enter numbers manually, as your credentials provided when forming shipments and when authorizing online should match. You can also set up automatic alerts to get notified when your package arrives at a certain location; that’s as close to real-time tracking as it gets. Finally, you can install the official FedEx app for iOS or Android if you do a lot of shipping and, consequently, tracking.

The official FedEx site provides a lot of information, and it’s as official and trustable as can be. So if you want it firsthand, is the place.

Independent Trackers: Pros and Cons

There are also various independent trackers that use both official information from FedEx and from other sources (merchants, postal services, and so on). Though chances are they will just share the official information by FedEx, it will be just as fresh. The way you need to act is the same:

1.     Open the search page

2.     Enter the package tracking number (or other required data)

3.     See the results

Though the results are mostly the same, there are at least some advantages of using an alternative service:

  • Easy access to other shipping services (DHL, USPS, Amazon, eBay, etc.) Great as it is, FedEx official tracking only covers packages by FedEx. But if you need to track several packages sent by various delivery services, you better use an aggregating service to access them all easily and in the same way.
  • Independent reviews. On the official FedEx site, there are no reviews or comments. These comments can cover some issues that don’t come clear from regular reports. Users can also share their experience of handling such issues. This can either inform you on an issue that indeed exists or calm you down when your worries have little to no reason and are easily solvable.

Never Lose Track!

Given the automatic tools modern delivery services operate with, there is rarely an issue with delivery; and if there is, you will be informed. Share it on your Facebook or Twitter to let your friends know. Or leave a comment if you have a question to ask or an interesting story to tell.

Adam Hansen

Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.