How to Start a Resume Writing Business

Resumes are a must-have for potential candidates who find themselves in the job market looking for opportunities. It is a document that encapsulates the strengths of an individual and presents them attractively to hiring managers. Since this is the first impression that potential employers will have aspiring job seekers, it is of utmost importance that one’s resume is well-written and up to date. However, not everyone can write up a bio on their own. Most candidates seek help from outsiders to help polish their curriculum vitae. That’s where you come in! If you have the skills to provide the best resume writing services to your potential clients and are looking for tips on getting started, here’s how you can go about it. 

1. Plan:

Every business needs a plan first to get started. You will have to figure out your writing business’s specifics before you offer your services to customers. Do keep in mind that there will be a small startup capital required at the very beginning. For instance, you will have to set up a domain name for your services and set up a website that can require some funds. You can start working from within your home, but if you want to delegate work to other employees and meet customers face-to-face, renting out an office space may be a better option. 

2. Register your business: 

Depending on your nationality and number of partners, you may be able to form a legal entity under sole proprietorship, partnership, limited liability company, and corporation. You will need to register your business to pay your taxes. If you can register under a corporation or LLC, you will protect yourself from being personally liable if customers sue your business. Once you have registered your company, it is also best to open your business bank account to separate your business from your personal identity. This ensures that your personal property is protected in case of legal suits. 

3. Obtain permits: 

Before you legally offer your services to potential clients, you will need to acquire the required licenses first. Failure to do so can result in hefty fines and can even shut down your business. The licensing requirements can differ within states and nations. It may be best to check with your city or county clerk’s office to learn about the national licenses required to begin your business. 

4. Understand your customer needs: 

It may be a good idea to start reading up on the best resume writing services reviews to understand what areas other services lack and the things that set them apart. Customers are often looking for facilities that can offer deliverables the other businesses are not. For instance, some resume writing services provide a 30 or 60-day interview guarantee to their customers. This assures the clients that their money is being spent on something that will lead to the fruition of their efforts. If you can offer a similar incentive or something better, your customers can be motivated to invest in your business. 

5. Work out the pricing: 

Before deciding on the amount that you will charge your clients, it may be best to check out some of the existing bio writing facilities available. Some resume services can charge as little as $20, while some have been known to charge over $1000 for a wide range of services that include the resume, a cover letter, a LinkedIn profile, and others. Charging individuals with something similar to the existing services may be a good place to start. 

However, you must take into account your overhead. For instance, you have to calculate your expenses such as electricity, computer maintenance, and rent, if you are currently renting out an office space, and work out the charges from there. The costs will also vary depending on how good your deliverables are and how challenging the clients’ demands are. 

6. Market yourself: 

You may be able to offer top resume writing services to your customers, but unless you get out the word out, it will be useless. Thanks to the power of social media platforms, people can market themselves online in the digital age. You may be able to do the same by creating engaging content for your customers. 

Social platforms such as Instagram are a great place to advertise yourself if you can get many followers. You may also be able to garner testaments from your existing clients to let people know of your services. If you can manage the funds, you may do much better with paid marketing. By paying for some advertisement, you can reach out to many more potential customers. Since a resume is not confined to one nationality, you may even be able to reach out to global clients and offer your services. 

A resume is a document that helps people sell themselves to their potential customers. As a service provider, you will not only have to highlight the strengths of an individual but will also have to work with some technical skills such as Applicant Tracking Systems, an AI system that filters out candidates before the hiring manager sorts through the applicants. By providing your writing service, you are not only building a reputable business of your own but are also helping aspiring candidates get on their feet and find careers in their chosen field of interest. 

Adam Hansen

Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.