How To Select the Best Front Door for Your Business

Buying a front door for your commercial premises is different from buying a front door for your residential home. Whether it is a retail store, a commercial garage, a warehouse, company offices, or a food joint, the type of front door you select for your business plays a major role in the triumph or failure of your business.

Remember, the exterior door is the first and the last part of your commercial space that your customers and employees see when they visit the premises. Therefore, you ought to ensure that it leaves a strong positive impression. Furthermore, the face door is the chief entry point to your business and should maximum protection to the premises. This article serves you with factors to help you select the best front door for your business.

Check the Door’s Aesthetics and Functionality

As earlier said, the exterior door to your business forms a strong impression on customers. Therefore, if you want the front door to be attractive and invite the customers, ensure that the door matches the aesthetics of your business. For example, if you run a salon, showroom, restaurant, you want to ensure that you attract customers to your business by seeing what goes on inside while outside. In such a case, a fiberglass door or a magnetic screen door would be highly efficient.

Furthermore, depending on your business type, you want to ensure that the front door is convenient and easy to use. For example, if many people visit your business, ensure your door functions so that it can comfortably handle the in and out movements from your business premises.

The Durability and Security of the Door

There is no doubt that commercial exterior doors are used frequently daily. Therefore, when looking for a front door, select a strong and durable door that is easy to maintain, one that will stand the test of time. Galvanized steel and fiberglass doors are some of the most durable door types.

As you may already know, most home and business burglaries are achieved through the door. Therefore, the security of your business premises should be a paramount consideration. Some of the vital security features to look for in an exterior door include roll-up shutters for glass doors, enhanced opening codes, powered locks. To enhance the security of your business, select bulletproof doors, chemical, and fire-resistant doors, and install an alarm system at the door.

Check on Insulation

Depending on your business type and location, you should consider buying a door with enhanced insulation properties. Your business may be located in an area that experiences consistent and uncomfortable temperatures, strong winds, and rain.

In that case, you would want to maintain interior temperatures at comfortable levels and safeguard your business premises from the winds and rain. In addition, you might consider a door that allows air leakage into the premises to improve the comfortability inside the business space.


As earlier mentioned, unlike buying exterior doors for residential property, getting the perfect front door for your business can be a tricky affair. Utilize this article to know whether the door you need for your business premises is a fiberglass door, a magnetic screen door, or a steel door.

Adam Hansen

Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.