How BFrank Coaching’s Educational Program Makes All the Difference

It can be a tough pill to swallow, but working out on its own usually isn’t enough to get you to your health and goals. 

Even if you spend hours working out every single day, you’re still spending the vast majority of your time outside of the gym. And those decisions that you make in the time outside of your workouts can make all the difference. 

This is why getting a thorough, all-encompassing health education is so important if you want to change your lifestyle for the better. With a coaching program like BFrank Coaching, getting that education is now easier than ever. 

As coach Bri Franklin says, you only spend 3% of your time in the gym – here’s the program that can help you win the other 97%. 

Why Working Out on its Own isn’t Enough

There’s an old saying that you hear pretty commonly in the health and wellness field: “you can’t out-exercise a bad diet.” What this means is that no matter how much you work out, you’re only holding yourself back if you aren’t also paying attention to your nutrition and your mindset. 

Let’s say you’re participating in the most intense workout program that your gym offers, and you have the best personal trainer in the area to guide you through it. They push you hard, make sure that you’re doing your exercises in the correct form and with the right intensity, and this means that you’re pushing yourself to the limit physically while you’re in the gym. 

But after you leave the gym, the hard work stops. You don’t pay as much attention to the kinds of food you’re eating and aren’t tuned in to the intricate connection that your body has with the food you’re fueling with. This can very often lead to slowed progress, backtracking, and frustration. 

The bottom line is that your nutrition is just as important as your workout program if you want to make a long-term change. If you aren’t refueling with a balanced meal plan, your body doesn’t have the “ingredients” it needs to build your muscles and burn fat. If you don’t change a thing about your bad diet, you’re holding yourself back from reaching your full potential, and you’re essentially wasting the time that you spend in the gym. You might feel sick, more tired, and burned out, which can affect your performance. 

Nutrition isn’t the end of the story, either. What about all the other things that get in the way of your fitness goals: the stress that makes you reach for the calorie-dense foods, the social situations that throw a wrench in your carefully crafted diet plan, the sleepless nights that mess with your hormones and halt your physical progress? 

You need an education: not just on the kinds of foods you should be eating and the importance of exercise, but also on all the other things that factor into your health and wellness. 

The Importance of Health Education on Your Fitness Journey 

This is where a comprehensive program like BFrank Coaching comes into play. 

BFrank Coaching is a holistic health education program that seeks to disrupt the typical short-term weight management programs that you find in the fitness industry. Instead, it focuses on helping you feel better and more confident so that you’re fully equipped to make the right decisions for your body even after you leave the gym. 

Think about all the other things that factor into your health, and all the little decisions that you have to make every day. The holistic approach shows you that your health is not just about the workouts that you do or the foods you eat. It’s about all of those things combined, as well as the habits that you establish and the mentality that you have around your health and wellness. 

Other things you have to consider include:

  • Sleep 
  • Mindset 
  • Stress management 
  • Hormones 
  • Gut health 
  • Time management

These topics often get overlooked in favor of the most obvious “quick fixes:” overhauling your food habits and exercise. But these are all critical pieces of your health and wellness, and paying attention to them can make all the difference between success and yet another yo-yo dieting attempt. 

Luckily, Bri Franklin’s BFrank Coaching program covers all of these topics – and then some! Participating in Bri’s program means knowing more about yourself and learning how to apply the concepts to your needs. This can help you establish sustainable and impactful lifestyle changes that make a real difference. 

BFrank Coaching

BFrank Coaching was started by strength and conditioning expert and certified nutritionist Bri Franklin.

She has a good understanding of the importance of the time spent outside of the gym because she’s been there herself. Even though she dedicated a lot of her time to fitness and competitive sports, she still had to learn to nourish her body for success through trial and error. 

So BFrank Coaching is the perfect program for someone who feels like they’ve tried everything and still aren’t getting the results they want. Instead of giving you a quick fix in the form of an intense workout plan, Bri actually aims to teach you what is going on beneath the surface, so that you are equipped to make those better decisions throughout the entirety of your life. 

There are also three different program options you can choose from based on your needs. You can either join a small-group coaching program and build a community with your peers and Bri, work with Bri one-on-one with individualized coaching, or take your learning into your own hands and follow along with an independent learning program. 


It’s not hard to find a training program or join a gym. What can be hard is learning how to break bad habits, establish new ones, and understand all of the different aspects of your health. 

Utilizing a professional coaching program like BFrank Coaching can take your fitness to a whole different level. Getting a comprehensive program complements that intense workout routine so that you can see results – and more importantly, feel better and more empowered for the rest of your life! 

Angelee Editor

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