How To Save Your Emails To Google Drive

It was a revolutionary period in 2006 when Google introduced Gmail with ample storage so that you wouldn’t have to delete any data you did not want to lose. It also included more storage options, such as exporting your emails from Gmail to Google Docs. Saving your emails to Google Drive is another efficient addition. Here is how to save your emails to Google Drive.

How to “Save Emails to Google Drive”

Using your computer to save your emails from Gmail to Google Drive is easy. The steps required to do so are similar to that of printing a page. however, instead of printing, you select the location as “Google Drive.” Here is a detailed step-by-step guide to save your email to your Google Drive via your Gmail and computer:

  1. Open your Gmail via a web browser and open the email you want to save to Google Drive. Find and click the print option. When the print settings appear, find and click the selected printer to see the list of printers.
  2. Click the “Save to Google Drive” option from this list to save
  3.  this email as a PDF to your Google Drive. It’s that simple.Alternative method

In 2021, Google will deplore this fantastic time-saving option meaning you will lose a direct method to save your emails directly to your google drive. So what are the options available? Currently, you can print the email like you usually do but select your destination as a PDF to save it locally to your computer. Then, you can upload the email to your google drive in your preferred folder. To do this:

  1. Open the email you want to save
  2. Find the print option and select it.
  3. Using the destination tab, select Save As PDF and continue.
  4. Open your Google Drive in your browser tab, navigate to your preferred folder where you want to save your emails. Now use the drag-and-drop feature to move your email PDF from your PC to Google Drive.

Why you should use “Export Emails to Google Docs.”

Thanks to CloudHQ, exporting email from Gmail to Google Docs has been made easier. Using reliable cloud technology that integrates into your Gmail, you can consolidate your emails into an organized Google Docs file without additional software. “Export Emails to Google Docs” enables you to save your emails as individual and multiple messages and conversations.

In addition to saving your emails as PDFs to your Google Drive, Export Emails to Google Docs also organizes them per sender, receiver, and Gmail Label, if applicable. All other attachments are saved as PDF, which means you can monitor your email report as it is organized. This means you can export them using standard texting formatting for easy sharing among your working teams.

Install “Export Emails to Google Docs” today

It’s never a wrong decision to save your emails. For this reason, you should use Export Emails to Google Docs and manage your cloud accounts with ease and comfort all in one place. Integrating your Gmail content with your cloud account via the CloudHQ interface can give the peace of mind, efficiency, and productivity you need.

Adam Hansen

Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.