4 Reasons Accounting Software Is Better Than Excel

Streamlining key business processes is one of the best ways to boost efficiency and productivity. It involves the use of modern tools, applications, and techniques when executing different tasks. That said, streamlining businesses processes allows a company to utilize fewer resources and time to maximize returns.   

Although all business processes can be streamlined, it’s said that one can gain a lot of benefits by automating their enterprise’s accounting system. This is because business accounting involves a lot of transactions and if workers aren’t careful, they can produce inaccurate financial reports.   

With that said, accounting information reflects the financial position of the institution in question. That’s why there’s a need to produce accurate accounting results to help reflect a true and fair viewpoint of the company. That’s where accounting software tools come in handy.   

This article explains why you need to install accounting software in your business system instead of using the traditional Excel sheets to carry out your accounting tasks. But before diving into them, it’d be a good idea first to understand what accounting software is.   

Accounting Software Defined  

Accounting software is a computer application or program that helps accountants to perform various bookkeeping and accounting tasks. In other words, accounting software is an automated system that helps record financial records automatically. This helps simplify the accounting process, thus allowing business owners more time to focus on other key business operations. That said, if you are looking to automate your accounting system, you can visit this site  https://sg.abssasia.com and others like it over the web.  

Different Points Showing How The Use Accounting Software Is Better Than Excel  

There are several benefits of utilizing accounting software over traditional Excel sheets. Some of them include:   

  1. Helps You Save Time  

Most business owners face several challenges, one being time constraints. This is true, especially when a manager wants to attend to different matters at the same time. Therefore, it makes sense to automate some key business functions including accounting. That’s where accounting software comes in.  

Accounting software allows you to automate your accounting systems, thus eliminating the need to feed accounting information manually. This means that a transaction that could usually take you several hours when using Excel sheets can now be accomplished in a very short period with accounting tools – helping you save a lot of time. This allows you and your accounting staff more time to focus on other business functions.   

  1. Minimizes Costs  

Costs are a major concern for any company. This is because huge costs can greatly reduce a business’s profits, thus affecting its profit margins.   

Several costs can affect a business enterprise and one of them is the labor cost. You must pay your employees’ monthly salaries and bonuses irrespective of whether they’re productive or not. However, you can avoid this by automating your accounting system.  

Here, automating your accounting system involves the use of accounting software to simplify your accounting process. This allows most of your accounting transactions to be performed by computers rather than humans. For that reason, you may not require to employ many accounting staff. This helps minimize your labor cost, thus boosting your cash inflow.  

  1. Reduced Errors  

As earlier noted, using Excel involves workers feeding financial information into your business system. As they do that, sometimes they can commit errors and mistakes that can negatively affect your business. Some of these gaffes can affect the reputation of your business. Inaccurate accounting reports can lead to poor financial decisions undertaken by officials who rely on such documents.   

But the good news is that you can avoid this by having accounting software in your business system. The accounting system helps post the correct figures to the right ledger accounts, thus minimizing human errors.   

  1. Up-To-Date Financial Information  

Another major benefit of accounting software over Excel sheets is that it automatically updates your financial information. For instance, any time you make a sale, your accounting software immediately updates all the relevant accounts. That’s, it automatically credits your sales account and, at the same time, credits your stock account. This can help you to manage your business more effectively.   

On the other hand, when using Excel to record your financial transactions, you’ll be required to update your details manually. This can take much of your and your staff members’ time and energy. So, the best way to avoid this is to have accounting software in your business system.  


Accounting automation is the way to go for any business enterprise looking to boost its efficiency and productivity. It involves the use of accounting software to perform accounting transactions rather than Excel sheets.  

Some of the benefits of using accounting software instead of excel include saving time, minimizing costs, reducing errors, and getting up-to-date information. Nevertheless, before choosing an accounting program, you need to consider several factors to choose the best option for your company.    

June McGown