How To Protect Your Personal Injury Claim For The Biggest Settlement

Some of the most important questions asked by personal injury victims regard their insurance compensation and settlement. While most personal injury victims are excited at the thought of getting paid a huge amount in compensation for damages and inconvenience, a better question, however, will be the steps to take in order to ensure that they get the full worth of their personal injury claim. Most New York City Personal Injury Attorney advise their clients against the use of social media as a platform for discussing their personal injury claims as this can affect their chances of getting the full worth of their case. While there are several do’s and don’ts to take note of when pursuing an insurance claim, below are some important things to take note of.

What You Do After The Accident Affects Your Insurance Claim

If you have been involved in a personal injury accident, one which has been caused by the wrongdoing or negligence of another, then, you should know that insurance companies are not in the business of dishing out money, instead, they will fight you tooth and nail to ensure that you do not get as much as you wish to.

Personal injury lawyers are aware of this and this is why they most often than not provide comprehensive advice on the do’s and don’ts of personal injury claims. If you need help with an injury, you can learn more about hiring an attorney here.

If you wish to maximize the total compensation you are entitled to, below are six aspects you should focus on.

1. Preserve All Critical Evidence

Evidence is your ticket to proving that you have indeed been wronged. When you are armed with evidence, you are in a better position to tell the insurance company that you were not at fault for the accident which has caused you injuries and pain. To ensure that you remain eligible for the maximum possible payout in compensation, it is recommended that you gather all the essential evidence and keep them safe. Some of the most important evidence you need to prove your injury includes photos of injuries sustained and medical records indicating a sharp contrast in your health before and after the accident. Also, you should obtain a police report of the accident in the case of car accidents, as this is essential to proving that you indeed involved law enforcement.

As part of evidence gathering, it is essential also that you take down the information of the other driver, information of eyewitnesses, write down a detailed report of the incident taking down important factors like date, time, weather condition at the time of the accident and more. Also, take many photographs of the accident scene and the damage caused from as many angles possible.

2. Obey Your Doctor

Your doctor knows best with regards to treatment. Failure to follow the instructions of your doctor may affect the overall payout as you may be seen as getting in the way of your recuperation. To ensure that you get the best results and the best payout from the insurance company, make sure to follow all medical advice offered by the doctor and religiously follow the medication plan which has been charted for you.

You can also speak to your attorney for possible recommendations in the event you need a specialist to handle certain aspects of your treatment including rehabilitation. If you have undergone surgery, make sure to follow all post-operation instructions.

3. Don’t Wait To File A Personal Injury Claim

While most people choose to recuperate fully before pursuing a personal injury claim, this is not the most recommended option. The state of New York has a 3-year statute of limitation on personal injury cases and as such, you should file for the compensation as soon as possible to ensure that the case is underway while you receive treatment and recuperate fully.

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4. Stay Away From Social Media

Talking about your accident or discussing details of the personal injury claims can harm you and your chances of getting the best compensation for the losses you have suffered. While social media is a place to connect, avoid sharing details of the accident or the case until everything has been concluded. Insurance companies may use your social media posts which were made in error against you thus limiting your chances of getting the deserved compensation.

5. Be Patient

Personal injury settlements may not come as fast as you had earlier imagined. In some cases, the insurance company may offer you a settlement that is way less than the total worth of your case, in cases like this, your attorney will reject such an offer and instead submit a counter offer. Do not be in a hurry to settle, instead, seek appropriate legal help to ensure that you are being offered the best settlement.

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