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When it comes to running a business, there are a lot of tasks that the owner or top member of management has to deal with on a regular basis and those tasks can be overwhelming. Fortunately for those running a business, there are methods that are available to support and assist the business. This method of support is known as bookkeeping which is a service that is used to develop and maintain a business’s overall financial process and management.

Shmunky Bookkeeping and Admin Support were started with the goal of keeping the business owner at the heart of the services that they provide. This top of the line London bookkeeping company strives for its clients to continue to change and grow with their service. The bookkeepers from Shmunky Bookkeeping use cloud-based technology such as Xero, Quickbooks, and Receipt Bank with the goal of empowering the business owner. Shmunky Bookkeeping will tailor these cloud-based processes to a language that the business owner or top manager understands. Bookkeeping services are focused on the needs of their clients and with Shmunky Bookkeeping, that is exactly what the client will receive.

Basic Bookkeeping Services

All business owners require different levels of bookkeeping services and with Shmunky Bookkeeping, the business can decide which route they wish to follow. The one option of service that is offered by Shmunky Bookkeeping is their Basic Bookkeeping Service. With this package, the client will receive:

–         Monthly Bank Reconciliation: The bookkeeper will match the balances in the accounting records to the information on the bank statements to ensure all transactions have downloaded as they should.

–          Categorize Transactions: All transactions placed in relevant accounts will be categorized and tracked by classes. This creates a system of organization.

–          Monthly Management of Transactions: This service handles transactions on a twice-weekly basis to ensure they are categorized in the correct classes. All accounting software used for this is updated and confirmed up to date on a weekly basis.

–          Basis Reports: The Basic Bookkeeping Service provides basic reports back to the business owner. These reports consist of profit and loss as well as balance sheets.

Advanced Bookkeeping Service

For some businesses, the Basic Bookkeeping Service will get the job done and the owner will be satisfied, however, other businesses may require more. Shmunky Bookkeeping also offers an Advanced Bookkeeping Service. In addition to the services offered in the basic package, this service includes the following elements:

–          Invoicing: The bookkeeper will complete and send invoices to the customers and suppliers.

–          Billing Email Management: For many businesses, emails come in at a high rate on a regular basis. Shmunky Bookkeeping provides the service of monitoring those emails and managing any emails related to finances.

–          Sales Receipts: The bookkeeper will send any receipts to the appropriate party and will provide monthly statements when required.

–          Overdue Invoice Tracking Service:  The top of the line London bookkeeper will chase any overdue invoices either through email or phone. They will also provide alerts if payments are still not paid and have become extremely overdue.

–          Advanced Reporting and Cash Flow Insights: With this element of the service, the bookkeeper offers reports tailored particularly to the business requirements while also budget tracking to ensure the owner know the current financial status of the business. Additionally, they will forecast finances based on real-time information from accounts.

–          Bill Tracking: The bookkeeper will receive the bill in an email, create and upload the bill to the appropriate accounting software, and schedule bill payment.

–          CIS Tracking: This element provides tracking CIS for contractors on any relevant invoices while ensuring that it is recorded correctly on the invoice

–          VAT Submission: The bookkeeper will store any submission records in a folder to organize any HMRC reports after the VAT was submitted to an HMRC platform.

Contact Shmunky Bookkeeping

For business owners in London, a top of the line bookkeeping service in the area is Shmunky Bookkeeping. This local bookkeeping service in London works to offer business owners the right solution for their business. The services offered by Shmunky Bookkeeping are designed to make the lives of business owners easier and more stress-free.

Shmunky Bookkeeping is located at 42 Maypole Green Rd in Colchester. Their office can be contacted via phone at 078-529-71048 or via email at For more information regarding their services or their company as a whole, visit their website. 

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