How to Overcome Laziness and Procrastination in Several Easy Steps

Have you ever wondered “how soon ‘not now’ becomes ‘never’”? By the way, this sacramental phrase was said by Martin Luther, who, as you know, was a man of action. And what about you? How often do you procrastinate before taking actions?

Lots of people tend to postpone important tasks, and I’m no exception. When I was a college student, I preferred fun parties and hanging out with my friends to studying. As lots of other students, I was extremely hedonistic and lazy, which couldn’t but affect my academic performance. I tended to put off everything until the last moment. I was spending sleepless nights cramming and stressing out a few days before my finals. I was drinking gallons of energy drinks to get my urgent assignment done in one night. Now, as I look back, I don’t understand how I made it through my university back then. Guess, I need to thank the online writing company I asked to write my dissertation for me. Otherwise, I couldn’t successfully graduate from my alma mater.

When I got older and wiser, I began to realize that laziness prevented me not only from acquiring new knowledge and honing my professional skills, but also interfered with my spiritual development and self-improvement. Moreover, laziness got in the way of my healthy lifestyle. I just couldn’t make myself cook healthy food since it was too time-consuming. While I was gaining pounds, my fitness levels were dramatically declining. I was also incapable of turning my cherished into reality as I was too deeply mired in lackadaisicalness and procrastination. Luckily for myself, I realized that was the way to nowhere.

I can’t say that now I demonstrate flawless time management skills and never indulge in idleness. But I have developed some useful habits that now help me curb the tendency to put off my plans or tasks to a later time. If you want to know how to get over laziness, check out some of them.

Take a Small Step Forward

Don’t expect that you’ll be able to beat up laziness in the blink of an eye. Just like quitting smoking, giving up laziness takes much time and effort. Try distracting yourself from unpleasant thoughts brought on every time you think about a tedious task that needs accomplishing. Go out for a quick jog or treat yourself with a cup of latte. Thus, you’ll prepare yourself for a deep dive into routine chores or tasks you consider boring. It’s also important that you promise yourself to tend to your duties or complete an urgent task once you’re done jogging or drinking your latte. Once the symbolic Rubicon is crossed, there should be no way back to procrastination.    

Do Important Tasks First Thing

Make it your rule to start your day with doing at least a small part of what it’s on your agenda. So, if you need to write a report, start outlining it first thing in the morning. This habit can help you focus on your tasks and get in tune with what needs to be done during the day. Try maintaining a positive mindset when approaching your work. At first, you may find it difficult after so many years of nurturing procrastination and indulging in laziness. Still, with time, you’ll get into a habit of setting a good tone for your day.

It also would be a wise decision to break your task into smaller pieces. It’s really hard to take a grip on yourself and start working if a mountain of tasks or homework looms on the horizon. Still, as soon as you break it into more manageable pieces, you’ll see it’s not that scary.

You may get a rest when you successfully cope with the first portion. Still, make sure not to succumb to laziness and not to distract yourself from the main task until it’s fully completed.

Eliminate Distractions

We live in the era of distractions, which contribute greatly to global tendencies towards procrastination. It’s a rare person that remains fully focused on the work at hand and doesn’t feel tempted to check Facebook, Instagram, Reddit, or WhatsApp chat. So, what you need to do is to shut down the escape routes while working on an important task. Take care to put your phone on silent mode to avoid the phone trap. Leave other gadgets, especially those that can access the Internet, at the far end of your house. If you work on your computer, remember not to open your browser under any circumstances (if you don’t need the Internet for your work, of course.) By eliminating possible distractions, you’ll increase your chances of completing your assignment in a timely manner.

Stay Motivated

When I’m reluctant to work or willing to give up, I ask myself a question: “What will my life look like in several years if I don’t move ahead?” The truth is that progress is impossible without movement, which, as you know, has nothing to do with idleness and procrastination.  So, when your start feeling like surrendering to laziness, ask yourself the above question.

Renew your motivation every time your enthusiasm starts ebbing away. Stop thinking of your work as a tedious task draining your emotionally. Instead, try focusing on the positive results your perseverance and hard work can bring in. Every completed task will become your small victory, which will make you feel more satisfied and self-accomplished. In time, you’ll understand that performing your duties and doing homework  can be even more interesting and emotionally rewarding than indulging in idle activities.


Adam Hansen

Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.