How to Make Your Home Accessible

Your home should be a place that is welcoming and comfortable, but not all properties are automatically designed with those who have limited mobility in mind. If you are someone who uses a wheelchair or other mobility aid or lives with someone who does, you might need to make some modifications to your property to make getting around your home a little bit easier. Here are a few of the best upgrades you can make to your living space to accommodate those who have limited mobility.

Widen the Doorways

Some properties have quite narrow doorways, particularly in condos or townhouses. This can make it difficult to get through for wheelchair users who need the extra space to get their wheelchair through the doorway without getting caught on the frame. Wider doorways will also be beneficial for those who use crutches or a walking frame for additional support. A reliable contractor should be able to widen your doorways for you.

Automatic Doors

Another change you can make to your entryways at home is having an autoslide door installed. These are great for when someone with limited mobility wants to get outside and enjoy their backyard, but may they struggle to open doors easily without assistance. This will help them manage a more independent lifestyle by allowing them to get in and out of the back yard with ease. They also come with remote-controlled locking systems, so you don’t need to worry about keeping your home secure.


This is one of the most obvious modifications to make that will benefit wheelchair users at home. If steps are leading up to your front or back door, having a ramp put in is a must. You can either have a concrete ramp put in for a more permanent fixture, or have a portable one made that you can take with you when you go away, or can remove at any time, if this will be more convenient. Alternatively, you can have a platform lift installed to help people get in and out of your property; although these might be more expensive to have done and are usually better for commercial properties, it all depends on your preferences.

Bathroom and Kitchen Modifications

Getting in and out of the shower, the bath, or even using the toilet does require a lot of movement, so making some tweaks to your bathroom will help those who struggle with their mobility. Things like support bars next to your toilet and in the shower can help. Walk-in showers are better, and a shower seat might be necessary as well, depending on the circumstances. You can also get walk-in bathtubs which are great as well.

When it comes to your kitchen, lowering the countertops so wheelchair users can still do meal preparation easily and safely is important. You could also put in lights under the kitchen cabinets to make it easier to see what you’re doing and try to keep open spaces underneath your sink and counters to accommodate a wheelchair.

If you need to make your property more accessible for those with limited mobility, all of the above are good places to start.


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