How To Improve Your Team Management

Something every team and work group is constantly looking to improve is team management. With multiple attitudes and personality types comprising the foundation of your team, it can be a difficult task to find the solution to bring all of these different kinds of people together. One essential step that can help you improve your team management is having a better understanding of the people who make up your team through gaining deeper insight into what motivates each of your team’s individuals. One tool you can use to help you achieve this goal is the enneagram assessment

What Is An Enneagram Assessment

An enneagram assessment will help individuals learn more about their personalities. The tests place people on a circle 1 through 9 and each of the numbers stands for a specific personality type. Across the circle, each number is connected to two other numbers. One of these numbers represents strength and one represents growth. If a person is stressed, the model holds that they’ll move further away from their set enneagram personality and move towards the “worst” qualities of the other number. If a person is in a healthy place, the individual could move towards the “strengths” of the other number they’re tied to. The numbers are also split into three different categories that are used to help describe one’s emotions. 

Unfortunately, many individuals do not take time out of their lives to self-reflect. This can lead to a lack of self awareness and can hurt an individual’s ability to determine what motivates them. It can also lead them to not be aware when they are going through a time of extreme stress, and that individual will be unable to identify the necessary steps to help them reach a healthier state of mind. 

Through the enneagram assessment, individuals can learn how to improve their interpersonal communication skills and they can use it as a tool to help them achieve personal growth.

How You Can Use An Enneagram Assessment To Improve Teamwork

Gaining a deeper knowledge into your team’s dynamic can help you become a more effective leader moving forward. You’ll have a better knowledge of how to talk to an individual if they are struggling with a task or assignment. You’ll know what motivates them and how you could adjust the assignment to help them more easily achieve the dedicated task. Similarly, you’ll know how to give a member of your team praise in a way that benefits them most. Not everyone is simply motivated by kind words. Some people require different forms of recognition. 

Having your team talk about the results of their enneagram assessments will also be a beneficial team exercise, especially if there is tension amongst current team members. It will be beneficial for everyone on the team to be more aware of the kinds of communication that each individual requires. 

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Brad Richman