How to Improve Productivity at Your Small Business Without Ruining Staff Morale

Management of nearly all businesses are constantly asking staff to become more productive. The best kind of manager is one that asks staff what management can do to improve productivity. There could be a process that is pointless that takes up time like that of transferring information from one document to another. Demanding more production without assistance or incentive can ruin staff morale. Always being asked to do more without help or appreciation is not the culture you want to foster at your small business. Being proactive about making the jobs and processes of staff more efficient is a perfect place to start. The following will delve into ways to boost productivity while maintaining the balance of positive staff morale.

Time Tracking Software

Time tracking software can be a lifesaver for a company with both in-house and remote employees. Using this time tracking technology can allow a business to see where the top performers are spending a bulk of their time. The data collected can impact the way that new employees are trained. Technology that staff might be using could help them take their work to the next level. There are just some people that have a knack for finding tech solutions for a wide array of issues.

Communication Needs to be a Focus

Communication between staff needs to be a focus for a company of any size. Failure to communicate at a startup can turn into a nightmare as there usually isn’t as many levels of approval that are needed for an important decision. There are so many different ways to communicate in today’s world that it is imperative to keep conversations/discussions/meetings organized. Keeping notes or sending recap emails after a meeting can be immensely important. Unfortunately, there will be those people at the meetings that space out or simply do not listen at all. Do not give these employees an excuse to be clueless by making communication as thorough as possible. Business communication services can be a great option for a startup that needs to streamline communication and make it more efficient.

Company Contests that Reward the Most Productive Employees

Company contests that tap into the competitive nature of employees can work wonders. Being able to put together teams of equal ability is important though as staff could lose interest if one team dominates the others. Individual productivity can be a form of competition with bonuses or extra paid days off for the winners. The worst thing that can happen is to allow the staff to settle into mediocrity when you have the ability to do something. Whether staff is setting up HVAC websites for clients or offering customer service solutions, the focus on quality should always be present. 

Incentivize Productivity with Remote Working Opportunities

Improving productivity daily will allow the company to grow revenue in a healthy way. Burning out employees can lead to high turnover of staff which is a money pit for startups. Training a new employee or teaching them certain systems costs money before they are ever productive. 

A large number of staff will be enticed by remote working opportunities. The ability to work from home permanently or for a few days a week can be seen as the ultimate perk. Not having to worry about a commute or dressing up for work (unless video chatting with clients) saves employees large amounts of time. Productivity should be linked to this opportunity as an employee that has their numbers plummet after working remotely might have the privilege revoked indefinitely. Businesses specializing in digital marketing for law firms to those working in sales have seen improvements in productivity and attentiveness to deadlines. 

Adam Hansen

Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.