How To Handle Leave Management During The Holidays And Throughout The Year

The holiday season can be a nightmare for management that has to deal with request for days off. Being able to mitigate the holiday slowdown that occurs in some industries can maximize profits over the course of the year. The following are tips to help manage requests for time off during the holidays as well as the entire year.

First To Request Off Get The Days

Planning in advance needs to be done by employees so the company can create a strategy when certain employees will be out of the office. The people that request off 6 months in advance have concrete plans while others might be more flexible. Plans do change so keep a waiting list of requests handy in case someone will be in town during a specific holiday. Holidays that are widely celebrated like the 4th of July need to be accounted for as many people turn this holiday into an extended weekly.  The end of the summer is another time of the year people frequently travel especially if they have kids that go back to school soon.

Software Can Be A Huge Help

Being able to plan how many people will have off and how many people can take off is important. You do not want a certain combination of people to take off that will completely stop the production of one or multiple departments. Establishing this is important as many managers could have multiple departments to run or production processes to keep in line. Being able to see how many days off a particular person has for the remainder of the year is also important. If a majority of the staff is out of PTO with the holidays approaching a certain revenue can be predicted accurately.

Work From Home Days During The Holidays

One way to help stop the slow of production during the holidays is to allow people to work remotely. This obviously will not work with every business model but for some companies this is more than possible. A digital marketing company allowing people to work at home will not miss a beat. Video conferencing platforms along with instant messaging can allow the work day to proceed as usual. Staff will appreciate not having to use vacation days that they can now use at other times of the year. Employees working on holidays the company gives can also be a great way for them to earn other days of the year off.

Holiday Pay Can Be A Huge Help

Holiday pay can be enough to get a certain percentage of employees in that might want to earn extra around the holidays. The plans that people requested off for might magically be cancelled depending on the pay increase. For those people that are on salary there can be bonuses given for the number of days worked near or during holidays. Christmas Eve being productive for a business can be extremely valuable especially if their competitors have close the company for the day.

As you can see there are ways to manage days off in a far easier manner. Using the tips above will make this a far less stressful venture for the management involved!

Adam Hansen

Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.